LIMITS announces likely 2016 Release of their power meter



LIMITS Power MEter

LIMITS Power Meter (Image Source: LIMITS)

The full announcement from LIMITS is here but essentially the announcement says that there will be some units shipped to reviewers in December with production cranking up in early January and continuing in Feb/March. Presumably this will be dependent on acceptable reviews. Presumably they are confident they can deliver.

The funding channel is still being left open to LIMITS for new backers. It looks like they may be hoping for or needing a bit of extra capital. Doubters clearly have a different interpretation entirely.

What would make an acceptable LIMITS power meter? 2%, 3%, 5% inaccuracy? Is turbo-based accuracy sufficient or are real world conditions needed?

It’s left-side measurement only. So what would be the meaning of 2xleft side versus an accurate Powertap wheel based reading? What if the rider has asymmetry?

What if you compared it to a left side crank meter or pedal based meter? Fine but how accurate is the crank/pedal-based meter? So you’d have to compare the accuracy to a known inaccuracy of another left-side meter.

A spider/chainring is on the right hand side.

Not so straightforward.


Wahoo Postpones ELEMENT : Garmin Slashes Edge 520.

Source: Garmin

Source: Garmin

Well if you wanted a great cycling computer for Christmas the choice got a WHOLE lot easier. I’ve just been pointed at a ridiculously low price for the Garmin Edge 520 on Amazon UK of £176, although the US price seems to be unchanged. This price was the Thursday before black Friday as well!

This would probably be my personal choice for any cycling computer at over £130.

Garmin Edge 520 £176.00 Link $299.99 Link
Wahoo Elemnt the5krunner

Wahoo Elemnt – Click To Enter Competition

We were hoping for the Wahoo ELEMNT for November however they have told me that it’s now looking like January – I don’t know why. I had kinda been assuming they would release it properly after the Cyber Monday stuff had finished. Not now.

The ELEMNT could well be a Garmin-beater if the specs are anything to go by. Credit to WAHOO for delaying the product rather than selling out for high pre-Christmas sales with a product that either has a glitch or can’t be delivered for whatever logistics/production reason.

Ethics always appreciated.


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A play with Power Plate to help our Running?


Power Plate

Power Plate

The great thing with me taking this badly focussed/exposed picture is that I can blame it on the gym gadget I was looking at for once :-) The Power Plate. Basically a vibrating platform which many gyms, even council gyms, will already have in the UK.

My local gym has one. I once thought of using it but thought it was some device for losing weight without trying (it’s not). The instructor pointed out that it has many rehabilitation uses (such as for kids with MS). However there are significant benefits for athletes and many top Sports Teams have one or two eg Manchester City FC.

Power Plate

Power Plate

So, anyway, that made me listen a bit more.

The ‘obvious’ uses to me seemed to be to help with balance/proprioception/co-ordination as well as complicating some relatively basic stretches to help with core stability. All good stuff.

Interesting (to me at any rate) was that it can be used as part of a dynamic warmup, pre-run and also to help with deeper stretches post-run.

A nice new toy that I will now play with at the gym..all for no extra cost. And before you ask “NO” I didn’t get a freebie; I think they are quite expensive for personal use. If your gym hasn’t got one just tell them that my local council-run gym has got one.






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I’m speculating here but I think I’ve found a great POTENTIAL use for Polar’s ZONE LOCK feature.

From memory I think that’s available with some other manufacturers but not with Garmin watches.

Anyway once you get into the zone, a-la-Madonna style, then you would press and hold a button to lock to that zone. You would then to be alerted when you leave that power zone.

I reckon that will be a great feature to have on the V800 when used with STRYD.

Beforehand you wold have configured running power zones fairly tightly around where you think you will be in your training/race. Once running you would lock in when your feel of the desired pace on the flat is that day. When you run into the wind or uphill then you use the power reading as your major guide.

You could of course pre-configure power zones but they might be too broad a range or you might not be quite sure what power you would target for a run.


  1. V800 doesn’t have POWER zones
  2. STRYD doesn’t yet take into account wind.
  3. V800 doesn’t have running power zones

Nice thought though :-)

It’ll come, soon enough.

STRYD – First Run


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STRYD – King of the PODs?

I’ve been very excited about the STRYD ‘running power meter’ for probably over a year now. Finally I’ve hit the roads with it.

First up, I have to say that ultimately I think we are all going to love this product.

However my first experiences have not been great.

It’s not very clear at all EXACTLY what you have to do to get it to work ALONGSIDE ALL YOUR USUAL METRICS and TO SAVE IT ALL PROPERLY on YOUR watch (there are videos on STRYD the site). Imagine my delight at having to figure out exactly how it will work with a Garmin 920XT, Polar V800 and Suunto AMBIT3 Sport. The support and usage situation is further complicated by Polar’s and Suunto’s clear desire to make this work; coupled with some intransigence from Garmin, despite some hope from Garmin’s IQ Connect functionality to provide a working solution.

Further complicated by rapidly changing firmware – for example, I’m still not currently clear if I can get heart rate with power in running mode for the Ambit3 Sport. But I might be able to soon. I think. Perhaps.

It might be even more complicated for you if you have a different watch to one of the three above. For example if your watch does not support power then STRYD very cleverly might allow you to replace cadence with power. Extra configurations are great but it just REALLY COMLPLICATES trying to understand what should be a facile pairing process.

Even more complicated if you have a Garmin 920XT. You have to use it in cycling mode (like Polar?). That will cause you no end of problems if you auto-update power zones for your bike cycling in Training Peaks, for example. There is a Connect IQ screen/field for run mode but then the power data is not stored in the FIT file (I think).


STRYD’s online support ‘club’ IS GOOD and responsive but the situation is complicated. A straightforward but detailed compatibility table or manual might have helped. Admittedly, then someone has to keep that info up to date in a rapidly changing/improving environment.

This post is entitled ‘First Run’. Well that’s not strictly true as the first run was a bit of a disaster and there was no power recorded on either the Polar or the Suunto.


Well I paired the STRYD with the Suunto as a heart rate monitor but that meant I got heart rate but no power. Even the pairing process was tortuous but I thought I’d cracked it. I hadn’t.

On the other hand. Well on the other wrist, was the V800. That paired SUPER easy. Power was blank but pace came up as grey. That’s normally good as it means that it is calibrating the pod. 20 minutes later it was still grey/calibrating and no power. Or maybe the power had come through as some other field. Very confusing.

I spent about 2 hours trying various things. Which is not acceptable IMO.

So First Run = Complete Disaster.

Really this post is about the second run. Track day. In front of my fellow runners I refuse to look like a watch-laden idiot or to wear two heart rate straps so the solution was to do the following:

  1. Configure the Sunnto with the STRYD as a Power POD in RUN Mode and turn everything else off except GPS.
  2. Put a Polar M450 in my back pocket and use a Scosche RHYTHM arm-based HRM

So I have the kit that works and, luckily for me, I use Sportracks and so I can easily combine the tracks of two data files together. I probably won’t get cadence but I can live with that for now.

Great; except are my test conditions right? It’s a little bit windy tonight. I’ve read that STRYD doesn’t support wind adjustment yet. Except when you read things on STRYD’s notice board (or anyone’s notice board for that matter) you’re never quite sure if what you are reading is the latest proclamation.

Enough already! Let’s move on to running!!

Suunto AMBIT3 + Stryd

Suunto AMBIT3 + Stryd

Well, I messed up with the Scosche. I forgot to turn it on. Oh dear. THAT ONE was my bad! But it illustrates the problems of having to deal with lots of devices. Keep it simple.

As it turned out there was no wind. As it was a track it was perfectly flat.

For the faster bits I ran at a fairly even pace, I wasn’t particularly trying to – we’ll leave that for proper tests later. The first warmup bit above where it says altitude is a bit strange as I had a constant pace but the power varied. Then for the slower interval at 20′ it shows a spikey higher level of power despite being a slower pace…strange? No, actually it was drills! The rest is all fairly OK. I’m not going to draw any conclusions now other than by saying that in the above conditions on the above graph I would have expected power and pace to track each other closely.

Surprisingly, to me, the Wattage Shown felt pretty similar to that on a bike. Probably with running a bit higher.

Shimano Announce New Team Sky Deal


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Shimano sponsor many of the top teams most notably: BMC Racing Team, FDJ, Giant-Alpecin, ORICA-GreenEDGE, Team LottoNL-Jumbo and Trek Factory Racing. They’ve just announced a further 2 year extension to their sponsorship of Team Sky through to the 2017 season. Their name rings a bell from somewhere? Ah yes Chris Froome at the 2015 TdF.

Shimano PRO Vibe and Dura Ace components aim to help deliver the most effective power through the following bike bits: wheels, chainsets, pedals and brakes along with PRO handlebars, seat posts and stems.

There’s a drool picture of 3 of the wheels below.

Team Sky

Team Sky

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

5k World Record For 9 Year Old


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Source: Michael Blum (Dad!?)

November 2014: Zach Blum finishes in 18:30 for road based 5k World Record

2011: Lucas Bourgoyne is the track record holder for 5k at 18:41.3

Those times are obviously fast for kids and super-well done to both of them.

I’m surprised that the ‘record’ is ‘only’ as fast as that though. Several in my peer group have kids (girls & boys) who I’m sure have run not too far off that. Maybe my memory eludes me. Maybe they were a little older.

Edit: Here are some records for Bushy Park…not the fastest parkrun.

Age Category  
Age Grading  
JM10 520 31/05/2014 Bryn DAVIES 00:18:50 83.81%
JM11-14 386 10/12/2011 Jivendra SINGH 00:16:10 87.73%
JM15-17 386 10/12/2011 Bradley GOATER 00:15:37 86.45%
JW10 510 22/03/2014 Anna HEDLEY 00:20:05 84.98%
JW11-14 558 07/02/2015 Holly PAGE 00:18:07 86.75%
JW15-17 489 09/11/2013 Sophia PARVIZI-WAYNE 00:18:01 84.92%


PS IMO it is not a great idea to get your kids to this sort of standard at this age with run-specific training. Variety is key. Wait a few years.

A Week In: Triathlon, Tri Gadgets & Related Tech


Great events from VOTWO - not a paid for advert, just great events.

Great events from VOTWO – not a paid for advert, just great events. Organisers – send me a nice image and I’ll put it charge!

A week in: Triathlon, Tri Gadgets & Related Tech, is some of the more interesting bits that flash up on my screen during the week. It could be: some interesting article on triathlon training; a new activity tracker; a new swim watch; a race; or a reminder on a new bit of software or firmware for one of your devices.

Thank you to everyone who drops me a line with interesting titbits. There’s a huge amount of information out there that’s more than a few people can keep tabs of. [Catchup: Here is last week’s]

  1. The OXY watch is looking for backers for their ‘looks like a real watch’ smartwatch concept. Probably significantly cheaper than last week’s Tag Heuer. Well it is. Looks good too.
  2. Wahoo Fitness add call and text notification to the RFLKT+. Nice to see that innovative product still being improved. Kudos to Wahoo. I can’t find a link to that announcement as it came via email, here’s a link to a review of the RFLKT+ in case you don’t know what it is (it’s an iPhone bike thing).
  3. Fenix3 get advanced running dynamics but only with the HRM-RUN/HRM-TRI. Not clear if it is the new HRM4-RUN or the older one as well.
  4. 4iiii’s Precision, Viiiiva and Cliiiimb are all upgraded with new firmware plus the new app (ios/Android) is now ready for you to download. Lots of interesting stuff for example I would now class the Viiiiva HRM as market-leading sensitivity/accuracy with lots of bridging features and simple tap to pair (plus more) functionality. The Precision has some good battery life tweaks and more.
  5. Polar announce the ability for Polar Pro Trainer Customers to finally be able to export their data and start using it in Flow.
  6. There seemed to be lots of apps updated this week including: syncmytracks, TomTom MySports, Wahoo Fitness, 4iiii,RunKeeper, Google Fit, Garmin Connect and probably many more besides.
Lezyne Super GPS vs Polar vs MIO

Lezyne Super GPS vs Polar vs MIO

Our Stuff – STILL Waiting for some interesting new arrivals from Polar, Wahoo and others.

A selection of stuff from the5krunner’s week – normally ranges from ‘not very interesting’ to ‘quite interesting’.

1 Minute Review: Lezyne Super GPS


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Lezyne Super GPS

Lezyne Super GPS

Highly creditable alternatives to Garmin cycling computers continue to stack up. Fully plausible and much cheaper competition in the Sub £200/$300 space now exists.

The Lezyne Super GPS is one of these credible alternatives. In fact if you look more closely at the Super GPS you will be surprised that a product could be this good and that you’d probably never heard about it.

The Lezyne Super GPS has a generic level of functionality ie it has pretty much everything that I NEED and I ‘m probably as demanding as most of you. It might lack a few specialized functions that you WANT but don’t worry it will do the job. The only major functional area that is missing is MAPPING but having mapping would put the Super GPS into a different product category.


  • Power data includes L:R balance and pedal smoothness and torque efficiency.
  • Full smartphone text notifications including full SMS text message details.
  • The unit is well made and feels well made; a very much superior ‘metal’ to the plastic of most other devices.
  • GLONASS and GPS both provide positional data for increased accuracy.
  • A highly creditable 22 hours of stated run time.
  • Automatically links to STRAVA (then to your data ecosystem via TAPIRIIK or SYNCMYTRACKS)
  • .FIT file format is offered by default.
  • The quality construction and excellent, but proprietary mount, might favour the needs of MTB users.
  • There is more than sufficient information provided about GPS quality/status.

Negatives: OK I’m struggling here. I’ll try! My only small criticism here is that there is not quite enough depth into the variety of ways that the metrics can be displayed, for example:

  • The Super GPS ‘only shows 3s and 10s power. 30s power would be good as well or perhaps a custom rolling average.
  • Whilst cadence and average cadence are shown, lap cadence is not.
  • Power balance is only available as an instantaneous reading (personally that’s what I want but we’re all different)
  • Grade/slope is not available.
  • I had some difficulty pairing to power meters. Perseverance solved the issue.
  • One display field MUST be speed.

Alerts are fairly basic only covering, IMO, things that do not require an alert eg ride time/distance alert – I’d want a cadence below XXrpm alert, for example.

Comments: It’s great that .FIT files are produced, for me at any rate.  I can then manually use them all over the place.

For most normal people, .FIT files offer an advantage over .TCX files in that they can support HRV/RR data – handy if you have software that can support the analysis of such data (otherwise irrelevant!). .TCX files are sent from STRAVA and do not support this format.

The display is easy to read but interesting in how it shows ride data. It has only one page and up to 4 bits of information can be shown. That doesn’t sound great BUT two of those bits of information are dynamic in that they can manually or automatically scroll through a whole host of bits of ride data that you include or exclude. Nice. Would be good to have the option of a couple of pages as well though. Also it is a bit strange that SPEED MUST be shown – strange if you have a power meter present. Indeed I would rarely display speed.

I think their hardware package and general capability is ‘there’ already. The omissions, in terms of some of the data displays, I would imagine could be rectified by firmware updates if demand existed.

Alternatives: There are many alternatives in this space including the Polar M450, Cateye Stealth, MIO Cyclo (mapping), O-synce Navi2coach and Garmin. The Cateye is the cheapest and the Lezyne comes in above the price of the Polar. Garmin is quite a bit more expensive.

I would say that, at this price point looking at the full cycling computer package, you would choose between the Lezyne Super GPS and the Polar M450. The Lezyne is better made and offers a wider palette of features and ANT+ but the Polar has a better online software package and more on-device metrics. Tricky choice; you’d be happy either way.

Detailed Review: n/a


Lezyne Super GPS £155.00 Link $200.00 Link
Polar M450 £117.80 Link $139.98 Link

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SHFT -Run With Power + Coaching



SHFT Coach & Power MEter

SHFT Coach & Power Meter

Many thank to Teriemer for the heads-up on this interesting little running number from

(Translation from DANISH here).

Looks like STRYD + ZOI combined in one.

Power Meter + Running Coach

At US$300 AW15 (Autumn Winter 2015). It looks to be close to the market.




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