GB Age Group Triathlon / Duathlon Kit



I recently got a replacement of the new style kit in the BTF/Blade sale (note to self: be wary of sharp objects)…apparently a 2013 model that is only subtly different to the 2014 one. Apparently there are no radical differences fro 2015. Apparently.

However there is a radical difference to the older ones. I was looking through some old images and forgot just how great the new ones are.




Not quite a match for the c2012 Elite Kit but not far off.


Running and triathlon gadget recommendations for 2014


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These recommendations are based on products that I have used, reviewed or had access to use ‘for a while’.

I mostly focus on the capability of the gadget itself rather than the app or software that may accompany it. Obviously the software *IS* still a key part of the offering and most vendors strive to continually improve their software BUT at the same time there are numerous independent tracking/analysis platforms or smartphone apps for data that MANY of us use.

It’s black Friday (28/10/14) soon, even in the UK these days, so I’ve avoided putting prices here.

Whilst some people detest what Amazon stands for; I don’t. I think it is a great place to get a reasonably priced item – often pretty much the cheapest. So I’d go for their cheapness and safety and service. Look also at and, if you are a BTF member, there are whopping discounts available on Garmin products through the BTF shop (be careful: on ONE purchase a year I believe).

These recommendation come from the point of view of someone who is not constrained by having lots of, say, ANT+ or Bluetooth kit which may or may not be compatible with certain vendors offerings.

Running Watches:

Best & most comprehensive offering: Garmin Forerunner 620.

Polar_M400_BLK_system_image mrOthers: I really like the Polar M400 and the TomTom Runner - both come with HR options. Many on recommend the Garmin FR15 but I’ve not played with that.

Duathlon Watches: Go for the triathlon recommendation but also consider the Garmin 310XT - it’s fairly old but functionally rich, reliable enough and already sub £200.

Triathlon Watches: The Garmin 920XT is the best triathlon watch. I have not put up my review for this yet as there are quite a lot of people in the UK who are simply unable to get hold of one. The Garmin 910XT is good but will fall to sub-£200 as the 920XT eventually falls below £300 (Summer 2015 or later, maybe). The Polar V800 is becoming very good, the Suunto Ambit3 models are great and the TomTom MultiSport Cardio is worth a look. There are others.

HR Straps & Activity Trackers


Source: wahoofitness links to wahoofitness on amazon

The Wahoo TICKR-X is an amazing piece of multi-functional kit all crammed into a chest strap. It could export RR data and it could be smaller – other than that it’s as perfect as can be.





MIO Fuse Review Velo

MIO Fuse Review Velo

I love the MIO Link WRIST based heart rate monitor. As you can see though I’ve put the image for the MIO Fuse..can’ think why! [Imminent release of my review: uber-perfect monitor as well as fab activity tracker ALL-IN-ONE WITH HR – great gift even for kids and your dad)



Polar Swimming metrics available with Pool swimming profile


SWOLF, stroke detect, auto pool length detect are in the beefed up new firmware for the Polar V800. Other additions not mentioned here are Daily Activity view/activity tracker. With the addition of swimming drills in early 2015 Polar still remain about 6 months behind Garmin 920XT in some respects.

——-Press Release From POLAR ——————

The wait is over – swimming metrics is now available in the Pool swimming profile in Polar V800! You can add the pool swimming profile to your sports list in Flow.

Swimming metrics lets you analyze each swimming session and monitor your performance in the long run. When using the Pool swimming profile V800 measures your time, distance and speed, counts strokes per minute, gives you a SWOLF score and identifies your swimming style during your session. You’ll also get heart rate information and accurate calorie consumption if you wear a H7 heart rate sensor. Afterwards you can analyze each part of the session based on your swimming style and view duration of rest periods in Flow. Swimming metrics works at its best with adult swimmers whose technique is at a sufficient level.




With swimming metrics you can, for instance, find out your SWOLF score and see how you’re progressing. SWOLF is an indirect measure of swimming efficiency, and it’s derived from the terms swimming and golf. SWOLF data takes into account the time and the number of strokes it takes for you to swim a pool length. For instance, if it takes you 30 seconds and 10 strokes to swim the length of a pool it equals a SWOLF score of 40. Just as in Golf, the lower the score the better. Your SWOLF goal is highly individual, and you shouldn’t compare your SWOLF score to other people’s scores. It’s rather a personal tool that can help you improve and fine-tune your technique, and find an optimal efficiency for different styles.

Stroke rate can be used for analyzing and improving your swimming technique because it gives you valuable information about your rhythm and timing. A low stroke rate means that you’re turning your arms over slowly with a long time between strokes. A high stroke rate indicates that your stroke technique is a little inconsistent and needs lengthening. For example, 40 Strokes per minute (SPM) is a slow stroke rate and 80 SPM is a high stroke rate.

Pace and distance in the pool swimming profile is based on your pool length. Your V800 recognizes when you turn at the end of the pool and calculates your speed and distance based on the length of the pool. The algorithm used in V800 is optimized for standard pool lengths of 25 m and 50 m.

V800 also recognizes your swimming style, and calculates style specific metrics as well as totals for your whole session. Styles recognized by V800 are Freestyle, Backstroke, Breaststroke, Butterfly and Other. Rest periods are identified as Other. In the first stage swimming metrics is optimized for freestyle swimming, and improvements to other styles will be made in future releases. Different swimmers may have subtleties in their technique that can lead to V800 not recognizing their swimming style. If you have to dodge other swimmers or if your swimming is interrupted by something, the metrics from your session can be affected.

Swimming metrics for outdoor swimming is in development and is targeted for March 2015. Future releases will also include new supported functions such as swimming drills – stay tuned!

Christmas 2014 Running / Tri Gifts

Cross Sport Sock Men'sSalomon Park Hydro H#6DCD7F SALOMON TRAIL RUNNER#6DCD80It’s definitely better to be a cyclist than a runner at Christmas…so many more goodies to be bought.

But for those of you who are runners (or runners’ partners) then here are some new and some more unusual presents you can buy to meet those running needs this Christmas.

[I’ll update this over the next few weeks]

Just to be clear…I get no free samples on these products no discounts and no revenue for any click you might make. Just saying…

1000 Mile Cross Spor#6DCD7ELet’s take the socks. They are from 1000-Mile. They are good quality running socks (cross-sport in fact). I do have a similar pair from the same manufacturer from last year and, whilst it may not have done 100 miles on my feet it has done hundreds, and it/they are still going strong. Socks are normally able to fit more than one size of foot and so an easier purchase than a pair of running shoes – very personal choice.


Salomon HYDRO 45 BeltThen we come to the Salomon water bottles. If you or your loved one runs for up to 60 minutes then you don’t need any additional hydration – especially in winter! Over that, eg training for a marathon, then you probably will at some point. Or you may just like practicing taking water regularly on shorter runs. The 45 degree water holder is quite neat if you think about it. If someone needs to drink you can’t go much wrong here.

Suunto Ambit3 Sport #6DCD83The Suunto Ambit3 watches are neat and as good for triathlon as they are for running. They are new to 2014 and I have reviewed them a little on this site. If your loved one currently uses Polar watches then you might be risking it by buying them a Suunto. If, however, they use the Ambit2 then the upgrade to the Ambit3 can be done in secret and they will be pleasantly surprised on Xmas day. The new version no longer supports ANT+ BTW.

Salomon TRAIL RUNNER#6DCD81Salomon shirts. I tend to use their gear in the summer. A bit different to the Nike-standard wear, a bit cheaper and often better at the same price point. I would regard them as performance apparel. It’s not that hard to find your loved ones shirt size and buy one as a nice Christmas day surprise.

Ultimate Performance Anvil



Then finally to the Ultimate Performance clip thingy. At first glance I thought these were headphones. Nope. They are lights that clip to the rear of your shoes. Have a look at their site. They have a few other unusual things on there as well.

Running School: Full Biomechanical Analysis     £89 (Regularly £125). Video analysis of running technique + Functional Movement Analysis to identify weaknesses & imbalances  Buy Now . I can’t endorse the Running School either way – but I can endorse that getting your technique improved is a great way for relatively easy speed gains.

The following are all from MIO:

#1 The Road ID

Road IDroad id

This belongs at the top of every list and something we consider to be essential for any active person. The road ID is more than a name and phone number on your wrist. It provides basic emergency contact information while also allowing the athlete to create customized detailed online profile with important medical information to assist a medical responder if needed. Road ID’s come in a variety of styles and colors. Another small stocking stuffer to help keep your athlete safe after dark is the Amphipod Wearable Reflector.

#2 The Triathlete’s Training Bible

Triathlete's Training Bible

Whether your athlete is a beginner or a seasoned professional, they will surely find new ways to bring their fitness and knowledge to the next level with more than 400 pages of useful information from one of the top triathlon coaches in the world, Joe Friel. There’s a reason why this book is the all-time leader of triathlon books, with over 200,000 copies sold.

#3 Betty Designs K.E.G. Signature Tool Storage Kit

Screen Shot 2014-11-21 at 2.25.56 PM Screen Shot 2014-11-21 at 2.26.04 PM

Don’t let your cyclist get stranded out on the road. This chic storage pouch by Betty Designs wraps up neatly into a Specialized bottle that fits any standard holder. Note: spare tube and tools not included.

Other gift ideas in this range: Ironman Race DVD, Bike Multi Tool, Triathlete’s Training Diary, Feed Zone Portables cookbook, SweatBeat Life Heart Rate Variability iPhone App.

Perfect Mid-Price Products ($25-$100)

#1 Mio Link Heart Rate Wristband


Screen Shot 2014-11-21 at 2.21.01 PM

Mio’s award winning products continue to grow in popularity with several new models scheduled to be released for the holidays. Help your athlete throw away the old uncomfortable heart rate chest strap and make room for accurate, EKG-quality monitoring. The Mio LINK and soon-to-be-released Mio FUSE heart rate monitor and activity tracker are compatible with all ANT+ and Bluetooth Smart 4.0 devices such as Garmin, Suunto and Timex GPS watches, and bike computers. They also connect to smartphones, transmitting heart rate data from the wrist to hundreds of different fitness apps.

#2 Strava and Training Peaks


These are popular and widely used online training tools for triathletes everywhere. Both sites allow instant data upload from most training devices such as heart rate monitors, power meters, and GPS trackers. From there, detailed analysis and user-friendly functionality make these sophisticated software products a perfect companion for tracking progress.

#3 The Racer Wall Frame

Screen Shot 2014-11-21 at 2.36.45 PM

The Racer Wall Frame transforms your athlete’s race bibs to inspiring wall art as a tribute to their grand achievements. Use our promo code: “Mio14” to save 20% on your purchase.

Other gift ideas in this range: Yurbuds wireless headphones, Trigger Point Starter Kit, Profile for Speed Aero HC drinking system, LIFEPROOF phone case.

Higher Priced Products  ($100-$500)

#1 Garmin Forerunner 920xt

Garmin Forerunner 920xt

Garmin has raised the bar to new heights with their new 920xt. In addition to their already state of the art cycling and swimming metrics from their predecessor models, this triathletes new best training partner now provides sophisticated running dynamics that include cadence, vertical oscillation and ground contact time. For the perfect package, pair this with the Mio LINK heart rate wristband for EKG-accurate heart rate monitoring, so your triathlete can train with heart rate comfortably, without a chest strap. Watch this short video on how to pair any Garmin Forerunner with Mio LINK.

#2 Rudy Project Wingspan or Wing 57 Aero Helmet

Rudy Project Wingspan or Wing 57 Aero Helmet

When it’s time to fly fast on the race course, your triathlete will thank you for giving him or her the gift of speed.  Add a stylish pair of Rudy glasses for a complete package. For an additional 25%-40% off, use our promotion/VIP code: “Trifiniti” when you order at

#3 Hoka OneOne Conquest Running Shoes

Screen Shot 2014-11-21 at 1.16.58 PMHoka OneOne Conquest running shoes

Hoka’s unique patented midsole material has revolutionized the comfort of running with maximal cushioning but without additional weight. The Conquest will turn the hard road into what feels like a run on the soft trail.

Other gift ideas in this range: Vitamix Classic blender, Cycle Ops Fluid 2 bike trainer, Betty Designs Cycle Kits and apparel.

For the Truly Inspired ($500-$4,000)

#1 Kona Kamps

Kona Kamps

If your favorite triathlete deserves more than just another piece of equipment to hang in the garage, then it’s time to present them with the gift of travel, adventure, and fitness. Send them away for a week of ultimate training with Kona Kamps. Choose from eight different triathlon camps in North America including the magnificent Point to Point journeys down the California Coast, through the Colorado Rockies or across the great Sierra Nevada mountain range. Use our promo code: “T8B8LHC” to receive $100 off any camp in 2015.

#2 Xterra Stand Up Paddle Board

Xterra SUP

Everybody knows that triathletes love to swim, bike and run, but did you know we also love to cross train on stand up paddle (SUP) boards? Xterra has taken the hassle out of transporting heavy bulky boards with their functional easy to carry inflatable boards. Choose between the 10 foot SUP package or longer 12 foot SUP option. Use our 50% discount codes: “MIOGLOBAL10” for the 10 foot package or “MIOGLOBAL126” for the 12’6” option.

#3 New Carbon Wheels

Karbon Speed

There are few things that will excite a cyclist more than a new pair of race wheels. Karbon Speed has changed the industry by eliminating the middle man and offering high quality carbon wheels directly to the buyer that are hand-built in California. Their prices are well below what can be found in retail and on-line stores. For an additional 10% off use our code: “TRIFINITI”.

Other gift ideas in this range:  Xterra Vendetta or Roku Maverick wetsuit, Zipp 808 race wheels, Quarq or Garmin Vector power meter,  NormaTec compression recovery boots

- See more at:





Interesting New Product : Muscle Oxygen Sensor



MOXY have some interesting products and also an interesting blog about the various merits of setting training zones. Muscle Oxygen could be a better way…if you have access to one of their sensing products


—-Press Release —————————


We’re starting this month’s newsletter out with a very pleasant announcement: we have reduced the price on the Moxy Monitor in the US to $999 for a Sensor, accessories and attachment kit, along with the PeriPedal software! We’re also offering a 3-Sensor bundle for $2649. In addition, we’ve reduced the wholesale pricing for our Moxy Partners outside the US, so folks outside the US can look forward to future reductions as well. You can check out all of our new pricing in the Moxy Store.

In other news, we’ve recently added a new Moxy Light Shield option for use outdoors; it’s a rubber skirt that fits around the Sensor much like those rubber cell phone protectors. The Moxy Light Shield has a low profile, making it easier to tuck into compression shorts than the fabric shield we’ve used in the past. It can be attached with the Moxy Adhesive Attachments, taped over the top with the Cover Roll Stretch Tape, or just tucked into compression clothing. The Light Shields are available as an accessory in the Moxy Store.

USA Cycling Coaching Summit

We’re always happy to see Moxy get some quality podium time. Jon Tarkington of Teton Consulting gave a presentation on Near Infrared Spectroscopy and Moxy at the USA Cycling Coaching Summit in Colorado Springs over this past weekend. Many thanks to Jon for sharing his ideas and his slides. Grab the slides from his presentation.

Moxy and Golden Cheetah

We continue to see people integrating Moxy data into more and more software packages. The latest is Mark Liversedge, who is working on incorporating Moxy into the Golden Cheetah cycling software.

There will be 3 ways to get Moxy’s Muscle Oxygen data into the software:

  1. Upload a .FIT file containing Muscle Oxygen data. Software like PeriPedal and hopefully the new Garmin 920XT watch will export data in the .FIT format.
  2. Read the live ANT+ data using the Muscle Oxygen profile.
  3. Download the data directly from the Sensor using the USB cable.

Combining this functionality with Golden Cheetah software will allow cyclists to better analyze and share their Moxy data. We’re very excited to see the integration of Moxy with the Golden Cheetah community of cyclists – it offers another great example of how science can transform good ideas into practical applications that benefit real-world athletes!

Updates to Polar Flow web service


, ,

iOS updated as well as the Flow service. Swim metrics supported in advance of V800 improved firmware (imminent)
— Polar Press Release —————-

We’ve updated Flow and now Polar V800 users will be able to see their daily activity goal, activity guidance and activity benefit. The Daily activity feature will be available for the Polar V800 training device in the upcoming software update.

Activity goal becomes visible after selecting the daily activity level from Flow settings. The Daily activity goal setting lets you choose from three activity levels (Level 1, Level 2 and Level 3) the one that best describes your typical day and activity. The daily activity goal setting is also visible for Polar M400 and Polar Loop users in Flow. 


Daily activity goal Flow

This Flow update also includes support for Russian and Polish languages, a new sport profile for pool swimming, power data displayed in the Relive fe

Garmin 910XT – not a lot of people know this either



IMG_1689Following on from my earlier, massively successful post ‘910XT – not a lot of people know that‘. Here comes some more vaguely useful and relatively obscure bits about the 910XT. Any additional ideas welcomed too.

1. Settings > System > Data Recording – Needs to be set to PER SECOND for RR HRV to work (after you’ve turned it on in the special menus)

2. History > Transfer All – Does what it says. Sometimes Garmin Express fails to upload from your device. So you delete the gunk and then upload ALL ie all of what is left. Sorted.

3. INSTANT PACE – on the 910XT doesn’t work. You need a footpod. And you really need to calibrate it running at the speed that you want it to be accurate for…mildly annoying.

4. TRAINING EFFECT METRIC – You can show the cumulative training effect of your session using the aforesaid metric. You need to get your zones right first otherwise it will show garbage. Also worth a look at FIRSTBEAT’s website to see what they mean by TRAINING EFFECT. In theory this should need RR/HRV recording but I think it doesn’t use that but just does clever maths on the time you spend in your various training zones. One good thing with this is that (for example) Firstbeat can give you a plan based on what training effect you need each day – whatever your training is on that day once you hit the Training Effect you can stop. I don’t use it myself but it seems like a good an well-intentioned idea.

5. RECOVERY HR: As explained a bit in this post recovery HR is available  when you press stop and wait for 2 minutes. Interestingly you can do this (press stop and wait 2 mins) at the end of your very last hard interval and THEN press start again to continue the session as you jog home. The recovery stats are not overwritten in the FIT file unless you do the 2 minute thing again. Now you know.

6. HR Spikes: Other than licking the strap, using medical gel can help. ‘Special’ sports gel is identical to the stuff that pregnant women buy for their TENS machines. the TENS machine gel “ELECTRODE GEL” is about GBP3.00 for 100ml…much cheaper. Sometimes also a dodgy HR monitor can be bought back to life by buying a new strap (rather than strap+POD). Sometimes one can be brought back to life by taking out the battery, putting it in the wrong way round (holding it in that position) and that inserting it correctly – sometimes I have done that with new batteries. Maybe it resets the electronics? WAHOO suggest that as well for their straps so it’s not just me being an idiot!

Suunto Movescount For Android March 2015




Suunto Ambit3 Sport

Suunto Ambit3 Sport

An updated version of our popular SUUNTO MOVESCOUNT APP is available for download through Apple’s App Store. The update includes new stand-alone features to the app use, usability improvements and improved Ambit3 syncing.

An Android version of the app has been announced: Suunto Movescount App for Android Lollipop will be available in March 2015.

Technology Rant: Are Suunto, Polar and Garmin about to fall?


, ,

Apple I at the Smithsonian Museum

Apple I at the Smithsonian Museum (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Sitting in a car park with sleet and snow all around and only an ipad to hand I decided to rant to myself on whether one of the Big-Boy Sports Device companies might soon encounter difficult financial time. As I say an introspective rant but thinking it through afterwards I still think there are some elements of truth here.

Fail? Well; probably not. But things they are a-changing.

There were very many new additions to the sports-gadget market in 2014. Some of these new editions were from the Big-Boys but many were from smaller companies and even start-ups.

We’ve seen the Polar V800, Garmin 920, Suunto Ambit3, Vivofit, Wahoo’s TICKRs, Epson, Pulseon and very many more. The growth in the global running/multi-sports is one of the drivers behind this. It’s a big market, that’s getting bigger. There’s Samsung Gear and Apple iWatch and Microsoft Band; it really is a big market. It’s not just sports gadgets; it’s the more encompassing term of ‘wearable technology’ as well.

When you look at a Garmin 920XT; it’s a nice piece of kit. At a £300-odd price tag it’s expensive when compared to its, probably-low, manufacturing cost. There is a big margin being made there on new adopters of such pieces of kit. Ask anyone who has ever bought anything new from apple! It is a potentially profitable market as well.

Except what is starting to happen now is being further driven higher by emerging technology.

One simple example is optical heart rate technology. At a basic level the technology ‘just’ avoids a rather ugly and uncomfortable strap being put around your chest. It doesn’t provide any particularly super-new insight into the human body…it just does an existing thing (taking a HR reading) in a different, perhaps more convenient, way. This emerging optical technology seems to be mainly being used to create new and ever improving ‘lifestyle bands’ but of course also significantly encroaching on the more ‘serious’ sports space.

So there are new companies coming into the market playing on ‘convenience’ and maybe also on ‘aesthetics’. These new products will eat into the market share of the big boys as these factors are important to very many people.

Then you could argue that Apple will also take their cut of the existing market, perhaps also growing it at the same time. Samsung have tried to do the Sports-wrist-lifestyle band-thing with the miss-fired Gear.

You look at Samsung and Apple and you see companies at the peak of their financial potential and dominance. Yet, Samsung phone market shares in Asia are falling (recent profit downgrading due to competition) and you have to ask how many times Apple can create a new phone that seems near-identical to the one two models earlier (but marginally thinner). They have cash and need to grow to continue to grow the share price.

Another example is the rather niche market of cycling power meters. Probably around a grand, a couple of years back, for a half-decent one. Soon a couple of hundred quid might get you a reasonable one. New entrants, new technology, new threats to the existing players.

TomTom Multi-Sport Cardio – a nice and relatively inexpensive triathlon product. Again with optical technology. It’s not quite there yet as a complete offering but I’d merrily use one and be mostly happy with it. The multi-sport cardio has the might of TomTom behind the product development and marketing – perhaps this new venture for them is driven by smartphones eating into their typical navigation market? but it’s an obvious move for them to use some of their existing capability as well as new technology to attack a growing market.

Then there’s the ‘activity tracking’ side of the market. Another huge market. Perhaps for athletes to a small degree but MANY other people are interested in glorified step-counters. That’s a bit unfair as ‘they’ probably would be quite interested in technologies that could monitor blood pressure, blood sugar levels as well as heart rate too. Your aunt or your granddad might benefit from these products – they promote a healthier lifestyle to a partial degree whilst also collecting useful health data; sometimes data that typically only a doctor could give you. Fitbit have done well here and have some imminent new products (Nov 2014). Garmin vivofit, Microsoft Band and Polar Beat are interested in this market…but so are Apple and Samsung.

I would content that no-one is safe. Ask Mr Blackberry or Mr Nokia. Markets can change very quickly and often for not-so-obvious reasons (unless you have hindsight). So low-tech SMS messages massively grew the profitability of mobile phone markets as companies simultaneously near-bankrupted themselves buying 2.5/3g network licences.

Why has Blackberry failed? Could just be too small a screen and no proper app market. Often the simple things…

And Nokia? Maybe they got on the Android bandwagon too late.

I’m always one for ‘openness’. The Android platform and the original Microsoft Windows platform have grown massively due to an open published ‘standard’, Apple have grown based on a platform albeit a bit more restrictive for non-Apple companies to leverage it. ANT+ and Bluetooth offer a communication standard but not a platform for sports products. So you see many of the new companies trying to develop a little world of their own in an app, only then to realise that they can’t entirely meet the needs of their target market and then have to open it up by allowing bits of data or kit in or out of their mini-platform.

We see Garmin realising this to a degree by recently enabling apps to start to be developed for the 920 (like Suunto). If you can’t solve the entire needs of your market you need some form of openness to allow other companies to help you do it. Look at SportTracks…does more than any other product but only because it allows external vendor plugins to work. This is a trend that will continue I would contend.

So. What about 2015 then? What super new products are Polar, Garmin and Suunto going to release? Sure they are going to probably introduce many incremental model updates that will be great. I can’t see them creating new market segments though. Whereas I can see other big companies encroaching on their space and I can see lots of new small crowd-sourced start-ups coming with niche and innovative new ideas. It’s a wearable tech market that will boom – but “Who will dominate and who will fail?” is ultimately your guess as much as mine.

My only prediction is that I think we will eventually see one or two sports/fitness/health data platforms emerging (eg Google Fit) and dominating the data storage – then niche and mainstream applications will feed off that data. That’s probably one for 2016 or beyond though. But sometimes things move quicker than you expect.

Chef Ramsay Set To Enjoy Taste Of IRONMAN 70.3 Staffordshire


, ,

IronMan 70.3 Staffordshire

IronMan 70.3 Staffordshire

Celebrity Chef Gordon Ramsay is turning up the heat by challenging 100 people to join him in the inaugural IRONMAN® 70.3 Staffordshire next summer. 

The chef has signed up for the UK’s flattest, fastest IRONMAN® 70.3 event which comprises of a 1.2 mile swim, 56 mile bike and 13.1 mile half marathon run.


Taking place on Sunday 14th June 2015, the swim will mark the start of the race at Chasewater Country Park, followed by a one loop bike route taking in the picturesque Staffordshire scenery in and around Cannock Chase. This single circuit course will then link back to and finish in the stunning setting of the Shugborough Estate.


Although the Staffordshire event has now sold out, fundraising places are still available through IRONMAN® UK’s charity fundraising partnership – and Ramsay has secured 100 places for competitors to raise money for The Gordon Ramsay Foundation, which supports a number of inspirational causes.


Kevin Stewart, Managing Director of IRONMAN UK, said: “Gordon is a fantastic competitor and it is great to have him on board. Although Staffordshire is a sell out there are still charity fund-raising places available, providing a great opportunity to be part of the race whilst raising money at the same time.”


Mark Winnington, Staffordshire Cabinet Member for Economy, Environment & Transport, said: “The event is a huge opportunity to showcase our wonderful county and will be fantastic for tourism, the local economy and residents.


I am delighted that Gordon Ramsay will be joining us in savouring all that Staffordshire has to offer and we are confident we have the perfect recipe for a fantastic event.”


Gordon said, “I’m excited to be launching GR100 and thanks to IRONMAN UK for giving us the opportunity to race at 70.3 Staffordshire.  It’s amazing for me to combine two of my passions, the Gordon Ramsay Foundation and triathlons.”


Athletes can find out more about charity partners here or for Gordon Ramsay’s challenge please visit



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