The Noob’s Guide to Buying the Proper Bicycle/Cycling Helmet…

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Fit? coolness? aeroness? colour

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Ah, the melon protector…  Nothing says “I get it” or “I know what I’m doing” more than a decent dome cover – and fortunately I’ve been all over the map so I can offer a few tips for picking a helmet that will work for you whilst not looking stupid in the process – as it could be argued, I did.

First, I have a big problem when it comes to my dome in the first place…  A size 7-1/4, I’ve got a small-ish head so finding the proper protector for it was not easy – they’re either too big or too small.  Because of this reality I stuck with purchasing one from my local bike shop rather than attempting to get something from an online store so I could try before I bought.  Of course, at first I had no idea what I was doing.  Mistakes were made.

My first…

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25 signs you may be a Tri Dork

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eesh. I wore workout gear to a social or two over the last weekend for the first time. The guise was that it was ‘breathable’ and of course the weather was very hot.

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well, for starters, if you’re reading this blog. You’re either a Tri Dork or my Mom.
In no particular order:

1) 90% of your laundry is workout gear (including the race shirts you wear to social gatherings. “I do Triathalons” “yeah, I know your tucked in race shirt kind of gave you away, dork”)

2) 75% of your dishwasher load is water bottles (the rest is made up of rice cookers, zucchini spaghetti maker thingees, blenders, etc)

3) You have a HUGE shelf (shelves) in your kitchen/pantry that has nothing on it but gels, gus, etc.

4) “Hey, you want to do a shot?” means, a Cliff Shot Block (unless it’s after a race and then it’s Fireball. Is that just me? and Liz?)

5) Bed time is earlier than most 4 year olds have to go to bed. The difference is that the 4 year old wants to stay…

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Worst race ever… This one’s a rant! – Part1

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he he. I just liked your worst ever race. That’s just evil

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Worst race ever….


An over exaggeration maybe as the result was actually pretty good but every person has a bad race that they would rather forget about even if it’s just parts of it.

Mine is now the City of Birmingham Triathlon – 750m OW Swim, 20k bike, 5km run.

I have split this blog into two as it’s quite a long one.

I sat on my sofa on Saturday afternoon looking out at the apocalyptic torrential rain, thunder, lighting and hail thinking that no one in their right mind would want or do a triathlon in this weather. I had missed this downpour by an hour before I went to register at the venue in Sutton Coldfield which for a venue wasn’t the best. It was situated in a very built up area of the town and I knew that with the allocated car park the sheer number of competitors…

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Why it shouldn’t matter that you’re a vegetarian… And why it does.

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does it really matter? I’ve been veggie for years. Gives people something to talk to me about who can’t either run , swim or cycle too well :-)

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I read a couple of posts the other day that placed vegetarians in the victim role when it comes to their acceptance and it drove me up a wall.  Now, possibly I am at fault from time to time for lumping all vegetarians into the same camp but hey, if the s#!t fits, wear it.  What had me fired up was the manner in which it was stated that vegetarians are often verbally derided for their choice in diet and each author gave a semi-credible list of possible reasons.  The problem, in both cases, is that they left out the most glaring reason why vegetarians and vegans are so often given the cold shoulder:  They keep attacking those who eat meat by suggesting an end to its consumption or worse, by attempting to shape legislation that would make its consumption more costly or difficult for the 95% of the population that does eat meat.  In short, I could give a…

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Three Steps to Setting Measurable and Objective Race Goals #running #triathlon

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Just the non competitive people laughed as they have no idea about winning or failing valiantly whilst trying their best.

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running-advice-bugJerry Seinfeld once joked about Silver Medalists in the Olympics that after having perhaps the best race of their lives they were asked, “what happened? Did you trip? Did you fall?” It’s just hard for people to believe that someone could be that close to winning and not have had their best day anyway. I’m in the midst of such a journey right now, having finished fourth in the US National Duathlon Championships, people have already asked me such questions as “did you have a flat? Was it a bad day? We’re you not feeling your best?” And to all of those questions, I have to say no. In fact, I did exactly what I set out to do in that race and I’m very happy about it.

At the start of the USAT Duathlon Nationals 2014

At the start of the USAT Duathlon Nationals 2014

How can you be happy when you don’t end up the winner? The answer…

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Track Runner – a running app review

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Thanks for the heads-up on the app. I’ll take a look

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“It is often hard to get out the door, to find the motivation to run. For some keeping a running diary is even harder.”

With the use oZOE_0043f information form satellites, running watches soon became little mini-computers strapped to runners wrists (those who could afford them). The first GPS watches allowed someone to track distance and pace and other options but were like strapping a dinner plate to your wrist. The GPS running watches have come down …a bit in price and gotten smaller.

I personally use a Polar RC3 GPS watch when I head out for a run. But I also just upgraded my cell phone and realized the amazing running apps that exist and can be accessed from the telephone/mobile device so many of us have and always have with us.

This is a review of a new running app geared for Windows Phones.


Track Runner


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Paris Marathon 2014: The Video

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@FR – good job.
Any of you do the Paris Marathon? Would be good to hear some stories of your trials and tribulations

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After the marathon, I bought the official photos and videos from the event and edited them down to produce my own personal memory. I posted it on Facebook originally, but thought it would be good here too. I hope you enjoy it.

Make sure you watch it in HD!

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Women running strapless



Alexandria Morgan runs strapless.

Well this probably is a tad sexist (apologies in advance for anyone who takes offence, none intended) but also a tad humorous. Also the TomTom Runner / Cardio product (as I have reviewed) is a significant step forwards for women runners who are unable to wear the regular Chest-HR straps. Watch the video, read the review, buy the watch. Harmless I guess.


ITU Sprint distance Duathlon & Triathlon to DRAFT LEGAL from 2016



715133f41b180759d50044856c6eab24_f53[1]Sources:  below.

How exciting! A new bike to buy. It looks like the International Triathlon Union (ITU – see info below) has banned your bike from an ITU SPRINT TRIATHLON world final (presumably qualifiers and sprint duathlons).

Why ban my bike?: If you have drafting allowed in a race you gt a pack of cyclists and, with tri bars, you can’t brake safely. You crash and bad stuff happens.

Maybe ITU events attract only the highest quality cyclists…errrr…no…. I’ve competed at ITU events and I’m a bit rubbish unless straight lines are involved :-)

Why the move to draft legal racing?: Any ideas? as I’m not sure!! It must make a race more of a spectacle, maybe. It seems to work well at elite level (olympics + world series) and the general consensus amongst the media-powers-that-be is that it is good. Personally I’m not convinvced, not that my opinion is that important. Even the elite duathlon championships (effectively a super sprint / sprint distance) are draft-legal (not everyone knows that, now you do).

It does make some sense though as, with things as things currently are, sometimes it’s really good swimmers or really good cyclists who win. Now that might be changed to give the good runners a chance :-) What’s this site called again? :-)

Scenario: I get out of the water one minute behind (likely !!!) I pedal like merry hell for 15 minutes with the help of the other rubbish swimmer who qualified alongside me (there are quite a few of us). We then relatively easily catch the main group as no-one in that group is prepared to put the effort in as there are no teams trying to make one person win. Everyone is in it for themselves and therefore it is stupid to be at the front of the bike pack. I cruise for 15+ minutes on the bike in the pack, no way do I take my turn on the front. Then I beat every single really good cyclist AND every single really good swimmer as soon as the running shoes come in. I still won’t win but I’ll do much, much better. Super !

To all National Federations, ITU would like to make you aware that its Executive Board has approved a change to the Competition Rules which will see the ITU Sprint Distance Age Group competition at the World Championship move from a “drafting-illegal” to a “drafting legal” competition.  The Standard Distance competition will remain as a “drafting-illegal” race.  The enforcement of this rule will go into effect at the Grand Final in 2016. For more information contact ITU Secretary General Loreen Barnett here.

Summary: It makes it a bit more like real ‘elite’ triathlon but it won’t be the same as team orders and team work will not be there. Obviously there are some scenarios that counter my ideal scenario (above) eg where 3 top guys want to race it amongst themselves for the medals and are all of a similar running standard. Anyway, “just” some new handlebars (and a re-wire) will make many of us race-legal and many people I’ve seen in their unusual (but comfortable) upright tri-bar position will find that drops make them MORE aero (IMHO).

Or it could all be a misguided South African April-Fool’s joke…in July.

All change…………..


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