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On the lip of the weir

Yes, well. I’m still basking in my swim-glory tonight. I got out of the pool about 8 hours ago and it hasn’t worn off.

I was NOT the crappest person in the pool today! There was actually someone worse than me. I feel very sorry though as I did gloat a bit.

How could anyone be so bad?

Then, of course, I also realised that all the other 30 or so people in the pool couldn’t probably spot any discernible difference in the quality of stroke between me and this other person.

The session itself:

Equalled the distance record today. But it didn’t go as well. Breathing seemed to have taken a step backwards although I think I managed to do my backstroke length in less arm strokes than before. That’s good isn’t it?

Another ‘fellow swimmer’ had one of those pull-buoys (?) between his legs. I just about managed to do one length for 2 of his (he was just using his arms of course).

Beats sinking I guess.

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