I am running and I can't lose weight – will 5k help?

“I am running and I can’t lose weight”. There are some other articles on this site that cover that in a bit more detail.

Running is a very hard exercise in terms of calories burned…harder than cycling or swimming or watching the TV whilst in the gym!

It is the best way to lose weight. It costs little to do. It is the most time effective method as well.  If you keep running you will use weight. You will lose weight faster by running than just about any other exercise. Obviously the longer you do it for and the more intensely you do it the quicker you will lose weight…that is of course provided you do not consume more calories than you burn. It really is that simple.

Run for an hour 3 times a week, however slowly. Once you can do that relatively easily try shorter 5k runs but work on doing those faster by changing one or two of your thrice-weekly runs into ‘interval’ or speed training. Don’t run on consecutive days.

good luck

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