5k Gait Analysis

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Like many of you, I too want to run faster 5ks. I mean it can’t be that hard can it? All you have to do is train a little harder and then run faster on a good day.

I am finding it hard though. I’m currently going down the minimise my weight route and wear muscle hugging lycra.

Anyway I had a free 15 minute introductory gait analysis today and they told me I didn’t use my hamstring as much as I should do. And that my hamstring needed building up.

Hmmm. I’ve sort of known that for about 20 years. But done nothing about it.

I think now is the time to invest. Do any of you have experience in the difference this might make? My only experience with lessons is with golf after my best round. I consequently fell back by 10 shots never to recover my former glories all because of the lessons. I still can’t hit a ball properly today.

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