5k Lucozade Sport Isotonic Drink

I love lucozade Sport. Though it’s probably the same as the competition.

For a 5k it is not so useful for most people. However I use it before my 5k for a breakfast alternative as I do not have much time to get out of bed get changed and get to the parkrun.com on saturday mornings.

I have it 30-60 minutes before the run and no other food or drink. I eat lightly the night before.

It takes 30 mins for the carbs in Lucozade to get to work. But there will be enough of a store in my body anyway, so it’s not really doing anything except stopping me feel ill from missing breakfast!

You do not need any intake of anything during a 5k run.

Lucozade do a post run recovery drink which I’ve never used. It’s best to get a bit of protein down you within 30 minutes of COMPLETING the run. Helps muscle repair.

For a more serious event like a half Marathon or Duathlon or Triathlon then you need to think very seriously about getting carbs into your body. After an hour or so of strenuous effort the ones normally in your body start to run out. As they take 30 minutes to get working, you need to have started getting them into your body well before they start to run out….but as I say this does not apply to a 5k.

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