Trimming Off the Fat (via The Fitness Studio’s Blog)

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some good points there.

Eat sensibly (ie a bit less than you do now) and do quite a bit more exercise involving sweating 3×30 mins a week will sort out most people. it doesn’t have to be complicated. ‘Simple’ lifestyle change that’s all.

Trimming Off the Fat Are you satisfied with your general physique, or would you like to get rid of a few extra pounds? If your answer is the latter, quit looking for that magic pill and just follow several general guidelines that will help you work toward a healthier body. Calorie Deficit Atkins™, South Beach™, The Zone Diet™ and countless other types of diets have each been hyped as the perfect diet strategy to shed those unwanted pounds. While they may have shown i … Read More

via The Fitness Studio's Blog

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