Week 5 (via Running for School Aid)

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let us know about windsor…

best advice for 5k training at your level.

you are at the stage now where you should start doing intervals (I know you’ve already been doing them!!)

End ALL of your runs with a 1k at speed (your race speed or ideally slightly above)

then for your 5k training get those 1k intervals in…yuk hard I know. but watch the pb fall further below 30 mins!!

So, almost halfway into the training plan, how am I doing? Not too badly I think, although I do really need to increase my distances. I went out on Monday and was a bit disheartened to find that I struggled with a 55 minute run with Running Sisters, and wasn't finding it any easier. However after a bit of encouragement from some fellow Twitter runners (thank you @julienisbet, @silverstorm80 and @willcleare), I felt a bit more positive about the w … Read More

via Running for School Aid

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