6 minute mile! (via parkrunner)

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http://www.runningforfitness.org/ has some calculators where you can work out just that. not sure how accurate they are. 1k intervals are what you need to improve your 5k time..as you are doing the marathon training i assume your distance stuff is sorted so you need 5k speed work. If it’s any consolation it doesn’t get any easier to get your PB down below where you are now!

The Tuesday training session at Withdean had a different format last night: 6x200m, 1x800m, 4x200m, 1x1200m, 2x200m, and then 1mile. I finally managed to get under 6 minutes for the mile: 5.55 actually! I've been trying to do that for over a year now. With any luck, it will help my Parkrun time but I'm not sure how 6mins for 1 mile translates up to 5km. I certainly couldn't keep that pace up but think I might be able to beat my PB of 19:50. … Read More

via parkrunner

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