Racing again (via Tom Tom)

keep it going. To do effective training whilst not wanting to risk getting hurt try doing longish runs at an aerobic level and then for the last 1k run that at faster than 5k race pace. Nice gear by the way – puts my ancient specialized stuff to shame (I daren’t even show a photo on the net).

Racing again Quite a lot has happened since my last blog so here is an update: Racing Again I have been really good at going out and running consistently now for 4 weeks and I have really noticed the difference in my fitness levels. I have been on 16 runs, burnt 12,500 Calories and run over 87 miles (already beating my target of 70miles per month): The weight has started to drop off too – down to 13 stone 2 which is only a drop of 2 pounds but you have to tak … Read More

via Tom Tom

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