I think I agree with you regarding what is best to do. & I certainly eat that way as my goal is not to lose weight.

Surely though if your body is starved of the easy-to-get energy in carbs it gets it instead from the less easy to get energy in body fat? OK you might feel sluggish etc etc but it must kinda work.??

Although as you say I usually eat the healthy things you suggest and combine it with exercise.

MYTH;"ELIMINATE ALL CARBS WHEN TRYING TO LEAN OUT"   OK, many people are under the impression that tey should eliminate all carbs when they are trying to get lean.  I can guarantee you, for the most part, none of these people on this diet are successful!  We here it everyday, get on a high protein, no or low carb diet!  GUESS WHAT???? CARBS(CARBOHYDRATES) ARE BODY'S MAIN SOURCE OF ENERGY!! The human body needs carbs to survive, they fuel the body and provide energy for the body, next time you hav … Read More


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