5k Parkruns – Are they long? Short or Spot on 5k

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I was interested to read that last weekend’s half marathon in Cardiff was almost 200m short. Here is the link.

That was a professionally organised event yet it was still short. And that begs the question “How accurate are the measured 5k Parkruns?”

I have heard several people saying that the parkruns are out by X meters here and there.

However here is my take:

1. My Garmin 305 GPS is accurate consistently on a 400m track to 1m or 5m over 1000m on a running track. That is more than 99% accurate AND that is not striaght line accuracy.

2. I probably do not run the exact minimum distance of 1000m and deviate off the line slightly.

I can conclude from that that my Garmin is 99% accurate.

3. Over all parkruns that I undertake (nearly 100) I find that the distance I measure varies each time

4. I find that the distance is up to 5050m long ie 5% more.

5. All parkruns are professionally measured

I conclude from all that, that I do not run the optimum route and that the course is correctly measured!

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