5k Running & Raynaud’s Syndrome / Disease / Condition / Phenomenom

I have hereditary Raynaud’s. Which in layman’s terms means I am allergic to the cold! There’s no cure and I only have it mildly.

The solution is generally thought to be ‘keep warm’ (not very helpful, thank’s doc!)

Any thoughts welcomed on this and how it relates to exercise.

Here is what I have found:

As I have GOT FITTER it has GOT WORSE. Maybe this is because I have less fat on me to keep me warm!

I have a particular problem with my hands where gloves don’t always work and to a lesser extent on my forearms where longer shirts DO work.

I also get it in my toes but this only normally affects me when I am cycling and not running.

Should I exercise more in my arms for example when I run it seems to help if I keep my arms straight and swing them like military marching for a while. This seems to pump more blood to the end. I could well be imagining that and yes I’m sure I look stupid when Ido it!

EDIT: Some tips. I’ve found that ARM SLEEVES really help. I think also that my swimming has increased the bloodflow in my upper body (and arms) in general and this year I have had virtually no cold finger problems. also beetroot concentrate shots may help too. Again feedback aprpeciated if you try these


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