5K Training – How long is long enough? (via The Running World According to Dean)

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I pretty much agree too. Not sure that the 30 sec intervals will work too well once you get below 25 mins. I focussed on 1 min intervals too much to get my time down to sub-20 mins. OK every bit helps as you say but the best intervals are 1k intervals at target race pace IMHO. I do do the 1 minute ones from time to time to make sure I can still go fast! (Faster than I could ever run in a 5k race!)

Also I’m probably like you in that I have been younger! and do now focus on 5ks but also throw in the odd duathlon and 10k race so there is an endurance slant to my training (that I wish did not have to be there!)

Here is an inquiry from an experienced runner: If you don't need Endurance – how much long stuff do you need? After decades of racing events from the 10k up to the marathon, I am now focusing almost exclusively on 5ks.  So the question is how long should my long / endurance runs be?  I enjoy doing hills, intervals, and tempo runs, and use all three to try to reduce my race time. What I'm struggling with is how long runs lead to improved performan … Read More

via The Running World According to Dean

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