My first intervals (via abradypus)

intervals do work. I’d do them every week if i were you. also a longer run every week would be good too.

Best interval for a 5k? 3x1k reps with as short a recovery in between as you can manage. Speed: target race speed/pace.

Sorted ,… watch the minutes come off you rtime (hmmmm. !)

I decided to give this interval thing a whirl this evening.  Kept it simple by alternating slow and less slow minutes.  Can't say I managed huge variations in pace, but it's a start. I've also booked myself on a running workshop in mid-March.  It's on a Saturday, but doesn't start until half ten, so I should be able to fit in a parkrun beforehand.  Not that I've become a parkrun addict, you understand.  Not at all.  If I were a parkrun addict, th … Read More

via abradypus

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