The Fat Girl’s Guide to Working Out (via Odd Things in Cali Besides My Family)

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Some great workouts.

Anyone who wants to lose weight just needs to know that if they sweat then they are doing something useful towards weight loss. Half an hour a day of sweaty exercise is more than enough. You just have to keep doing it as part of a lifestyle change. Running is the cheapest and easiest one to do for most people.

Sit ups and all that sort of stuff are great BUT you won’t lose weight by doing them. Not much anyway. You certainly won’t lose weight around your stomach. When you lose weight it comes off proportionately all over your body as a rule of thumb. Run, swim, cycle and sweat…they’ll sort you out.

Just because I need to keep track of this garbage somewhere… So far today I have done a whopping 10 girlie pushups (will do more), gotten through about half of Ab Ripper X **ouch!!** and finished building my weight bench so I can work the old abs a lot more, as well as backwards pushups and several other things. I think I will run off and do some of those now, work on the “old lady arms” since I got a lot of shit for that yesterday. The girls a … Read More

via Odd Things in Cali Besides My Family

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