Duathlon Hydration – What Liquids Do I need?

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I’m talking here about 10:40:5k duathlons and assuming it’s not in the middle of summer.

I used to drink lots of liquids and I used to best drink them in large volumes at a time.

After trial and error and reading a bit I’ve found that to be wrong!

First pre-race hydration is important. Start really focusing on drinking a couple of litres a day and make sure you wee is clear or near-clear.

Secondly drinking a lot in one go leeches salts from your body. So spread the pre-race drinking out. During the race have a sip every 7-10 minutes or a gulp every 15 – ideally an isotonic drink eg Lucozade Sport.

Thirdly drinking whilst running is difficult. Don’t bother. Just do it on the bike leg. I’ve got one of those aero bottles with a straw on the front of the bike. One of those full of isotonic is enough.

That’s it.

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