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Duathlon Training Plan

Duathlon Training Plans, Triathlon Training programs and 5k running plans aggregated from all over the net.

These are mostly other people’s training plans shown below with their source, I’ve added quick comments against some of them as the quality and detail varies somewhat as does the athletic level to which they are appropriate.

If you want a personalised plan drop me a line: The benefits of a personalised plan, which will be precisely tailored to your circumstances, will be: appropriate to National Age Group Qualification (triathlon/duathlon); appropriate to common 5k goals sub21/sub20/sub19; precisely tailored sessions for your current state of fitness; regularly monitoring your performance and fatigue; assessing weekly changes and re-setting workouts; able to allow you to get quick answers to questions.

Example: Duathlon training week.

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Note: If you are looking for off-the-shelf, duathlon/triathlon training plans to get you national AG qualification then I suspect most of the ones below won’t do the job as the standard in many age groups is now too high. You’re about to embark on devoting hundreds of hours of your life to training…choose wisely.

Plan 1: Here is a “standard distance” 12-week Duathlon Training Plan which I used to kind of follow when I started out, it’s OK: <12-week duathlon training plan>

Plan 2: Here is a sub-38min 10k training plan which I would say was appropriate to that ability level: <10k 8-week training plan template>

Plan 3: Detailed Plan Intro  <Duathlon Plan>


Sub 20 5k running

Plan 4. <Here> are four 5K Training Plans that get progressively harder up to an intermediate level.


Plan 5. <Here> is the London Duathlon 2009 Training Plan. Certainly not for beginners but not rocket science either.

Plan 6. <Here> is the 8 Week Long Distance Duathlon Plan. This one is a bit better but even a long course plan should have more intensity in it than this one. More suited for the longer course Duahtlon. For a longer duathlon, I would suggest you do much more distance training before 8 weeks. IE more than this plan suggests.

Plan 7. <Here> is a more thoughtful Duathlon Training Plan. It looks nicer as well!

Plan 8. <Here> is another Beginner Duathlon Training Plan

plan 9. And <here> is a skeleton plan for a duathlon training plan for you to structure your training and add your favourite sessions.

Plan 10. <here> are some thoughts on 2 week TAPERS in duathlon training.

Plan 11. <wattbike_training_guide> this is a wattbike triathlon and bike training plan wattbike are linked to British Cycling. Good stuff.

Plan 11. ‘Advanced’ sprint triathlon training plan from Emma Lees <TriTraining-Advanced>. Depends on your definition of ‘advanced’…certainly not elite and this level would not get most people to a decent Age Group qualification.

Plan 12. Sprint Triathlon Specific Plan

Plan 13: 5k Beginner Training Program – Radcliffe from HOW TO RUN: This is from the book HOW TO RUN ISBN 978-1-84737-074-7. It really is quite a good book.

Plan 14: 10k Advanced Training Program – Radcliffe from HOW TO RUN: This is from the book HOW TO RUN ISBN 978-1-84737-074-7. 10k and 5k are physiologically similar so you can sensibly follow this plan if you also want to improve 5k times. Consider also if you are training for 5k as part of a duathlon or triathlon then this 10k plan would be VERY good to look at as the 5k you will race will be harder than a standalone 5k

Plan 15: Very simple 5k HR based training program – this will also tell you how to calculate your HR Zones.

Plan 16: Strength & Conditioning Plans: Most of you won’t do these. They impact on your run/cycle/swim training. That’s why you plateau. Because you don’t do this. Don’t say I told you so in 2 years time! This is from ‘running’ by Paul Cowcher ISBN 978-1-84773-875-2 and just covers Strength-Conditioning-Plan. If you want more…buy the book, it’s good.


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