Will lucozade sport help me run faster over 5k

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Q: Will lucozade sport help me run faster over 5k

A: No. (Edit: In  hindsight I’ve changed that to ‘probably not’)

Next question!

Two main issues here:

1. Carbs

2. Electrolytes & Hydration.

Your body has enough carbs in it for around about 2 hours. So you WILL have enough for a 5k

During a 5k run or race you will sweat and lose water and salts/electrolytes in the process. That’s OK, it’s normal. You’ll survive. You have plenty in your body already.

Do I use Lucozade Sports? Yep a lot! I use it as part of a process of ensuring that my electrolytes, water and carbs are always topped up before and after exercise. I also do Duathlons and that is MUCH longer than a 5k. I have one lucozade sport just IN CASE I might run out of stuff.

So during the race it will make diddly squat of difference. However in your pre- and post-run training it can be important. You should get all the stuff it provides in a proper diet but you might not in reality. It tastes nice, so have some.

Also the exact %age of carbs and electrolytes in the drink is scientifically proven to be important to allow the body to properly take it up. Lucozade Sports has these right percentages.

I sometimes have one instead of breakfast on race day. Can’t hurt to avoid the hurl. That in itself is a reason why it might be a good thing to have – Lucozade sport is more digestable than our normal breakfasts (for many people, not all). so if your body isn’t thinking about digesting you will have it thinking about running (so that might make you go faster). There’s also supposed to be a psychological but quantifiable boost to having something sweet in your mouth (ie just swilling a drink around your mouth might help)

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