Doubt creeping in (via Shrinking Mamma)

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Belief is important. You sound like you are on track to me.

I would say two things. Don’t do too much training or you will injure yourself. **Always** have a day off between runs and maybe do a different exercise than running on the day after a run if you really want to. Make sure it is aerobic and that you sweat! Running is a great weight loser because it is hard. But it is also hard on the fragile body.

Secondly I would ask why the intervals? Slow it down a bit and get the distance first. Intervals are used to build up speed and you do that after you have sorted out your endurance. As you have not (yet!) run 10k then focus on that. I’d say don’t do intervals until you can run SLOWLY but NON-STOP for one hour…And by slowly I mean you should feel comfortable AND be able to hold a conversation with your running buddy.

So this last week has been kind of a rough week. I was so excited when I did my first 20 minute run last week, but it has been struggle everyday since then. I did my last two interval days last week. The first one was pretty easy. It was alternating 5 minute and 8 minute intervals. The next interval day was two 10 minute intervals. I did fine on the first 10 minute interval, but I couldn't finish the second one. I learned from my experience over … Read More

via Shrinking Mamma

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