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Hey you have my exact same duathlon cramping problem! try 2xu compression tights or compressport calf guards, try stretching much more before the race, try increasing your cadence at low effort 1min before dismount, make sure your diet is ok, also make sure you haven’t taken on too much nutritionally…you should only need one lucozade sport on your duathlon assuming you emptied your innards prior to the race and were fully carbed up and hydrated beforehand. Or just go a little bit slower or practice a little bit more!! Good luck with number 2.

PT Solutions Duathlon Yesterday I did a run/bike/run at the PT Solutions Cartersville Duathlon. It was my first ever multi-sport event. It was also a USAT event. I was very nervous going into the race, but as it turned out it was for the wrong reasons. I was worried about the cycling rules and the transitions. I had not practiced getting off the bike quickly, so I feared I might fall over if I got in a hurry. Also, having not practiced the speed I was concerned I woul … Read More

via Journey to 5150

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