Ful-on duathlon – 24 April (via Shugarr & Sshpice)

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it was you last year, sorry to hear that. I guess you were why the course changed this year. I missed it this year as about 25 people were not properly marshaled and ended up going the worng way and getting DQd…lol

Ful-on duathlon – 24 April Ful-on duathlon was at Kempton Park race course this year, and consisted of 5k run, 20k cycle, 5k run. The 20km cycle consisted of 6 laps of a very technical course with a number of dead turns. The run crossed the horse track a few times and was fairly flat. Some photos: It was a gloriously sunny day and Wendy loved it, until a b-i-t-c-h tried to overtake her on a narrow S-bend and so I hit the tarmac hard! The marshals came to my rescue, and car … Read More

via Shugarr & Sshpice

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