Post-race 5k prep (via runjenny)

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Jenny, I’m going through a similar thought process. I largely agree with you. I agree with the alternate for Friday (ie the extra rest day) and squeezing up the early end of the week. I think recovery is important especially if you are racing. I tend to go long the day after a Saturday race and then gradually introduce more speedwork finishing on Wednesday…kind of cramming a 10 week program into 4 days! It sort of works but I’m not convinced it is the right thing to do. Especailyl as I have to get cycling in AS WELL.

Last Saturday marked the culmination of 6 weeks of training for my first 10k. This Saturday marks the beginning of a busy 5k race season. The issue: how to maintain my training level, possibly even keep improving by getting stronger and faster, while not overworking myself between races? Without doing much research on the issue, I decided on this plan of action: Sunday: long run, 8-9 miles Monday: rest Tuesday: 6 miles hills Wednesday: speed inte … Read More

via runjenny

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