Four weeks to duathlon (via pinoyoutdoor)

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Good Luck! You can do a more effective brick session by going FASTER on A SHORTER 5-leg run-bike-run-bike-run. It helps practice transition actions as well as getting the legs used to that off the bike feeling.

Four weeks to duathlon It was supposed to be a 5K run but ended up running a10K (as Coach Jay Sales suggested to make my program 5K-10K-10K or 10K-10K-15K). Second wind, that’s it. Still have more in the tank but I was happy completing 25 oval loops. My time was 1 hour and 3 minutes. Love the slow burning sensation. There’s this duathlon coming this June 5, 2011 (Sunday) and I am planning to join this race in Nuvali. It’s a trail event so I am still unsure on what to e … Read More

via pinoyoutdoor

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Thanks for the note. Will do transitions this week. ^_^