Duathlon – The Cost Of Competing For Your Country

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She's a bit grumpy too

In this country everything has a cost and we often overlook the benefits. So in good British form here are the costs you have to fork out to say you competed for your country! but we all love it really!!

British Triathlon membership £51

Intention to qualify fee £15

Qualifying Race Entry Fee £40

Cost of Race visit/holiday £1,000

GB Tri-Suit £100

GB T-shirt £30

Cost of bringing your family along £££

Entry fee for the intl event £100

Realisation that you need a bit better kit and that you can’t quite convince your partner to approve a £5000 top-end bike

– new wheels £1000+

– Racing shoes £50

– TT helmet £150+

– Awesome Tyres £100 clinchers

eesh, it never stops.


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