SportTracks v2 (Sport Tracks Software) Download Enjoy

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OK cheap skate here you are ( Download instructions and link are two paragraphs down… ). The freeware V2 of SportTracks…the best software to analyse your running (and tri-stats). Miles better than Garmin Training Centre and a bit better than the Polar one (I forget what it’s called but that wasn’t too bad).


Well to be honest it’s not the best as there is now V3 which you have to pay for. So cough up and pay for it!!. Nothing is really free in this world so I guess their free V2 was a great way of tieing everyone in. V3 is not too expensive and I would say great value. V3 comes as a trial licence. I think even after one month of expiration on the trial licence it still works but with reduced functionality.

===> Here is a link to V2 <====: NOTE: You will need to download it and save it on your PC (right click on the link using Internet Explorer and do save as, it says it’s a jpeg but it isn’t). Change the file extension to .exe once you have downloaded and you know how to do the rest. It is done this way as wordpress will not let me store .exe’s.

Other browsers will have different right-click functionality, the above works with IE.

Here is the link again in case you have a fancy way of doing it. Bear in mind the instructions in the previous paragraph.

Word of warning. The last time I installed this I found it hard to then get the map plugins to work as there seemed to be few V2 working plugins. Tip: Somehow though I DID MANAGE TO GET THE “Route AR: Satellite” plugin working. If I remember how I will update this post. I have the DLLs but I don’t think it is just a case of you pasting them into the appropriate directory…

Latest: Managed to install it on a fresh windows 7 machine. the Map worked fine…you just have to know which part of the screen to change from the default view which is not either a satellite view or a street view. Look for the little triangle on the RHS.

I have a Forerunner 305…which unfortunately blue screen now in windows 7…joy.

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FTC: Affiliate Disclosure: All links pay commission
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