5-50-30 Challenge. (via I Challenge Fitness (ICF))

That’s probably the simplest recipe for a healthy and long life which very many people should follow. All you can do to improve the recipe would be to get good genes 🙂

I have created a challenge, its for your diet, muscular endurance and cardiovascular system, I know personally it is hard to keep this routine up every single day for almost every reason I can think of. Lazy, Cold weather (where its affecting your throat,) social life, work life, studies, loving your tv program, games, favourite cookie (Oreo is mine) your hot drink, cold drinks, loving the rest day too much >leads to lazy, traveling and my all … Read More

via I Challenge Fitness (ICF)

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1 thought on “5-50-30 Challenge. (via I Challenge Fitness (ICF))

  1. Thanks for this quote which i posted, it made my day and the i kept the simplisity in mind for those who find it hard to keep it up. I am concocting other methods to keep a good healthy life style up during my studies. Thanks again.

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