Sprint And Standard Duathlon – Age Group ITU ETU World European Championships 2012-2013

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<***This article has been superseded by one which has the dates here – even in Jan 2012 some of the venues are in flux check for latest details***>

The process has started for the determination of the dates and venues for the Sprint & Standard Duathlon – Age Group ITU  World- and ETU-European Championships for the 2012 season and also for 2013.

With the ITU 2011 Gijon Sprint- and Standard- distance Championships coming soon on September 25th,  some eyes are already planning for 2012. (The 2011 ETU championship already finished earlier this year in Limerick).

Highlights, Lowlights, Key Info and Changes for 2012

Here is some of the timetable so far:

June 2011 – Tender process has already started for British Qualifiers. IE the venues have not yet been decided and the venues are bidding to be chosen as qualification events.

13 September 2011 – 2012 Qualification events decided and published. (**UPDATE** Not released yet: Fri 16 Sep 2011)

Here’s my take, pure guesswork and all TBC and I’m probably totally wrong. I have no inside knowledge whatsoever and I’m just guessing based on national coverage and demonstrated track record and ability of the standard course to be adapted to a sprint one on the bike lap. I’m also guessing they’ll try to share the events around rather than award a sprint and a standard on the same weekend (or day) just because that would be easier;

UK Championships  – Probably Clumber (Midlands) <Wrong, it’s at Dambuster!>

Q1 ETU Standard Distance Duathlon – Dambuster at Rutland <Right!>

Q2 ETU Standard Distance Duathlon – Strathclyde (North) <Wrong>

Q3 ETU Standard Distance Duathlon  – UK Championships <Right>

Q1 ITU Standard Distance Duathlon – Oulton (North) <Right>

Q2 ITU Standard Distance Duathlon – Emberton/Big Cow (Midlands) <Wrong>

Q3 ITU Standard Distance Duathlon  – UK Champsionships <Right but it’s at Dambuster!>

Q1 ITU Sprint Distance Duathlon – Cambridge (Midlands) <Not yet awarded>

Q2 ITU Sprint Distance Duathlon  – Oulton (North) <Not yet awarded>

Q3 ITU Sprint Distance Duathlon – UK Champsionships Event (no sprint championship) <Not yet awarded>

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