7/19/11 – Tuesday – 5k Fat Burner (via MidwestFit.com)

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That’s a great session.

Looking at the whole effect of the exercise (and not just the exercise period itself) Intervals burn more fat than pretty much any other exercise.

Though as you say it would be silly to develop a weight loss programme solely around running intervals.

Potential PT #1 – 5k Fat Burner Run 3.1 miles on a hilly route -Try and increase your pace every mile -Imagine you're in a race and be sure to finish strong -After the run,  perform Finisher #3 below… Finisher #3 – Upper/Lower Perform 10 (each arm) of exercise one, followed immediately by 10 of exercise two. Next set perform 9 (each arm) of exercise one, followed immediately by 9 of exercise two.  Continue down until you get to Zero. 1. Single … Read More

via MidwestFit.com

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