What Do The British Triathlon Abbreviations Mean On The Qualification Pages?

What Do The British Triathlon Abbreviations Mean On The Qualification Pages?
Most of it is fairly self explanatory but the PQ Worlds10 and PQ Ranks10 and PQ Nats10 might confuse some.

I’ve taken the 2011 World Duathlon pages and found these from <here>.

So PQ Worlds10 means:  Pre-Qualification from being a top 3 finisher in the 2010 World Champs at same event.

So PQ Ranks10 means:  Pre-Qualification from 2010 National Ranking Series.  There is no 2011 National Ranking Series (for Duathlon).

so PQ Euros10  means:  Pre-Qualification from 2010 European Championships.

The newly added “Sprint” entry in the Status column refers to the fact that this athlete attempted to enter for Sprint and Standard Duathlon Series. They have effectively withdrawn from one event by accepting a place on the other as an athlete cannot compete in both World Championship events on the same weekend.

Q and Q1 denote that this athlete has already qualified and offered a place. I think that Q1 means that the athlete was not originally offered one of the first non-rolldown places. However someone that was offered one has declined it and so this athlete was offered one of those places. So it’s not a rolldown place.

‘Rolldown’.  There are qualification races and the first 3 or 4 finishers per age group who expressed an intent to qualify AND met the qualification criteria are automatically offered a place. After all the qualification races are over there are still places to be allocated to the ‘best-of-the-rest’. These are rolldown places.

‘Withdrawn’. The athlete does not wish to be considered for a place anymore. I’m not sure that you can draw any inference from this alone as to whether or not they would have qualified or not had they not withdrawn. ie they may or may not have met the qualification criteria. I think.

“115.5%”  or any other percentage indicates the best qualification percentage this athlete achieved for all of their qualification attempts. If the qualification standard was met they may be offered a Q or Rolldown place at a later date. It is possible for an athlete to get a percentage figure higher than the normal qualification criteria range (ie >115% for Worlds and >120% for Euros) and still be offered a place. But this is only in exceptional circumstances. I guess exceptional would mean it would only happen once a year by definition 😉 perhaps say if one of the Brownlee Borthers just happened to enter the same Age Group as you 🙁 then their result might be ignored for the purposes of the %age calculation.

“Cambridge/Oulton/Dambuster/etc”: These are the event at which the athlete met the qualification criteria.

“Paid”: The athlete has paid the event entry fee c£100. So that person is almost certain to be going to the Championships. A “blank” in the paid column means the athlete

Note that the order of the athletes reflects the order in which they registered their intent to attempt to qualify. So you might get some people applying at the very last minute on the last Friday before the last qualification event. So don’t count your qualification chickens until you’ve been offered a place!

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