5k: The Training Effect – Some Thoughts

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Something to bear in mind.

As you exercise you use the glycogen stored in your muscles (and liver to a lesser extent), with a bit of luck you might also burn some fat. After 30 minutes of doing whatever you do you will be WEAKER than when you started out.

In itself exercise is bad for you!

If you keep exercising your body will eventually deteriorate and/or you will get very ill.

HOWEVER, when you STOP exercising your body starts to replenish the glycogen, essentially from more carbs, and uses protein to repair and grow muscles.

So, what I wanted you think about is REST. Really make sure you properly build rest into your schedules. I was listening to an interview with Mark Cavendish today on the BBC, he sleeps about 12 hours a day during the Tour de France. That’s a lot of recovery.

Also of course you need to replenish the carbs and protein (for repair) and water and all the other dietary ‘bits’ you have lost during the exercise. If you are vegetarian like me also think closely about the protein and do some research.

And on that note I’m off to bed an hour earlier than normal AND I had a 1 hour nap this afternoon. Unfortunately all because of a  drunken night last night…oh an a hard hill-brick session! 🙂

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