Gijon Duathlon 2011 World Championships: Triathlon / TT or road bike

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Flag of Gijón / Xixón
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I’d always go aero.

There’s even a benefit at slower speeds. I think aero bars aren’t allowed in ‘races’ (as opposed to time trials) for safety reasons – otherwise they would be used.

I guess the Gijondilema is the hill(s). I think from memory it’s a 150m ascent (and descent) per lap…that’s not huge but I seem to also remember that the climb was all within one 5km section of the course. And climbing is one of those factors where weight might make a difference.

So will the extra weight of SOME FULL/DISC rear wheels causing a slower uphill time offset the shorter time from extra speed gained going downhill with those wheels? Probably not. At least I hope not, as I haven’t got a disc myself and I am counting on the hills as ‘the great technological equalizer’  in this event. Which is a bit crazy as I haven’t done that much ‘hill’ training and I’ve tried to lose weight but haven’t! Oh well.

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