5k Today: My Bushy Parkrun Not So Good

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Diana Fountain, Bushy Park, England
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I hadn’t done a 5k at Bushy Park for a while, at least not properly. So today I tried to run somewhere close to PB territory. The idea then was to jump straight onto my bike and pedal like a nutter to see if I cramp. The theory being that as I’ve been doing quite a bit of high intensity brick training then I shouldn’t cramp. (Search for EAMC on the net for more on Exercise Associated Muscle Cramp).

Good news: Didn’t get cramp

Bad news: 45 secs shy of a PB, not even duathlon race pace. Fell off my bike in the car park whilst fiddling with my watch. Felt awful with a headache in the morning. Bed at 1am and wasn’t wearing my go-faster shoes. First K was something like 3:30.

Good news: Still a bit of time left to get the speed up before Gijon.

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Deandre Mugleston

Muscle cramps can really ruin anyones day but it is not so much of a problem if you know how to do some light massage or acupunture..

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