Duathlon: A new type of race completed. (via Why Triathlon? Because…)

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cramp: look on net for EAMC. There’s no solution


try stretching a lot beforehand, massage night before?
try doing race intensity (but shorter) bricks in training
be hydrated.

and if the magnesium works please let me know as I have the same problem!!

compression gear seemed to help me a bit too.

This morning, 8am, I embarked on a new race, the final of the Sydney Duathlon Series at Parramatta Park. There were some gun athletes out there with their sleek bikes to show, too. I was more worried about running my own race and I certainly didn't let the occasion or the 100-plus other duathletes bother me. While running, I realized quickly that this is a different race altogetehr compared to the triathlon because you repeat the run leg twice. M … Read More

via Why Triathlon? Because…

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