Duathlon: Tyre Pressures And Pumping Up Your Tires

Rolling resistance
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I use clinchers. These are the ones that have an inner tube. 95% of you or more should be using these. It’s not worth thinking about the tubular or tubs option. If you do the research you will spend ages doing it and arrive at the same conclusion!

You get the  most out of your tyres by pumping them up to the ‘correct’ pressure which is usually at most 120psi. Maybe a bit lower on bumpier surfaces. The correct pressure lowers rolling resistance ie friction. Therefore you go faster or conserve more energy.

I have a cheap specialized track pump with a guage. Everyone should have a track pump. Mine’s a bit rubbish at pumping up, whichis a shame as that particular activity is its sole function. If you share the same problem here’s how to get round it.

1. for a first time inflate just get some air in with a hand pump. Then adjust as below

Top up your tyre pressure before every ride.

2. Take off the cap

3. Fully unscrew the valve

4. Press the valve to let a bit of air out.

5. Put on the pump head and push it on has hard as you can before engaging the locking mechanism

6. Get pumping. Even if no air is going in keep pumping. The meter may be showing the pressure in the head of the pump. This can almost instantly get to over 100psi. Keep pumping. It might even go all the way to the top of the guage. Press the pump head on a little more.

7. At some point the pressure in the head will force any stiff valve to open and voila…in goes the air.

8. Get the pressure right. Not the night before either. Do it just before you ride.

A pumped up tyre is less likely to get a puncture.

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