London Duathlon 2011 Results

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<Here> will be put the 2012 results in xls format when I have them.

The results are now out on the main site. For what it was worth I had an age group 1st (my first ever first!). Hope you did well too. Lots of training time until next year’s event but if you like Duathlons why not look on the British triathlon website or consider something like the GRIM Duathlon in a month’s time (22nd October 2011). And if you want to improve in duathlon there are lots of tips on this blog (see below and left).


Wasn’t it windy! And the 5k run went up the hillock that was bigger than I remember. The hill and wind combined must have cost 10 seconds per lap. I maxxed out my top speed down the return home hill touching 60kmh…fast for me on that hill, which I have done many times in training

I was still in the midst of my training when competing and, although I did rest a little beforehand, I was not completely recovered. My race HR and bike times all seemed pretty “in the correct zone” considering the conditions. So no complaints.

Hope you guys all did well too.

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