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I nailed a nice PB 4 months ago. Well today was another. Bu this time I knocked off a whopping (almost) 20 seconds which is more than 1.5% of an improvement for me. OK I’ve trained a bit over the last 4 months but I was struggling a little bit with times a minute slower about 3 weeks ago. OK I had the PB shoes on and the new (now christened) PB shorts but they don’t make that much difference.

The difference is beetroot juice and red bull and a bit can be accredited to training. The apparently legal cocktail meant that after 2k I was not hurting like normal.

There you go! If you are lucky enough to read this then keep it quiet. Don’t forget to use things like Red Bull sparingly in sport. I think the beetroot juice you can use as much as you want. Beet-IT is the brand and it is the nitrates in it that work to boost your aerobic performance. The caffeine nulls your sense of pain so you CAN try harder if suitably motivated.

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Andy Cowan

Not wanting good food to go to waste, my dad juiced up nearly 2kg of fresh beetroot. Downed the juice and was then in and out of the bathroom for the next 2 hours. He found out that it *is* possible to have too much of a good thing!


I think he is better advised to buy a Beet-It shot next time. Still does something to your digestion with 2 days of subsequent pinkness but he’ll fly like the wind (to the toilet)