New BG FIT on my TT Bike

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What does BG F.I.T. stand for? BG F.I.T. stands for Body Geometry Fit Integration Technology. Now you know.

I had today a 2.5 hour session with Sigma Sports and very interesting it was. Hopefully useful too for my bike times. For £120 my existing bike was fitted to my shape and style. All in all there was about 3 cm of movement in various components so that’s £4.00/mm!

Handlebars went down further than I thought they could go (few mm), seat a bit further forwards and a bit higher. This was a setup solely for racing, more than comfortable enough for a hour.

[PS: One week after this I did a TT PB   something like 5 secs improvement over 20 mins with a bit more in the tank and not properly recovered so those few mm may make a difference!]

I was also told that I had the wrong pedals and maybe also the wrong seat both of which I kind of knew. Furthermore my secret duathlon gear plan for next year, I discovered, may not work! Oh well.

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FTC: Affiliate Disclosure: All links pay commission
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