My Triathlon Campaign Starts Today!

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A breaststroke swimmer, in a hotel swimming po...
Not me, but probably faster than me.

Finally I took the kids to the pool today. At the moment they can swim better than me. But they’d better watch out I’ll soon be (edging) past them.

Having my GB-Tri-Suit for duathlons is a bit embarrassing when you can’t swim so today is the day I have been dreading for 3 or 4 years. I WILL finally learn to swim properly. I look back to the heady days of 1987ish when I staggered to that 20 length (500m) PB…ah that’s only 19.5 lengths away. Admittedly with the more difficult front crawl that I have to learn to do rather than backstroke where breathing is that little bit more easy!

I pretty much mastered the half length today even managing also to breath out 4 times underwater, a new record. Today’s “session” about 15 half lengths of ‘front crawl’ (as I call it) followed by a rest and return leg of a recovery backstroke.

I’ll sleep well tonight as my upper body will be shocked into realising it does actually need muscles there.

Sprint Triathlon Spring 2012 is the goal


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Paul Arts

I love this website. I’ve set a sub 20 5k as a goal to get to, my current best is 20.54. Very useful info on training and preparation. We seem to be at a similar standard of swimming too!
🙂 you made me laugh (re swimming) thanks! Glad I’m not the only one out there. once you hit 19:59 you won’t know what all the running-worry was about. You just go faster.