Training Pace Calculator and Running Tools based on Daniels, Friel and others

Attached is the The5kRunner and Daniels Tables v3.

It is a macro-enabled spreadsheet (xlsm). It might say that it has a different extension (xls). This is because WordPress cannot store xlsm files, I think. Anyway if you trust me and WordPress hosting (!) the file is safe to open/download.

This is an awesome set of runner’s tools. You type in your PB and a few other bits of personal physical data and the many runner’s tools calculate pretty much most of what you need to know regarding how fast you could run: if you lost weight; or how fast you could ever run; or what if the temperature were different. It also gives you different experts’ views on the speeds at which you should be doing your intervals based on your current level of performance.

It really is good. Have a look.

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2 thoughts on “Training Pace Calculator and Running Tools based on Daniels, Friel and others

  1. Hi,
    I loved the calculator (although there are things I don’t understand): I particularly like the fact that it allows me to compare my time with that of younger runners (I might be old but I’m still competitive!). I didn’t see any reference to altitude or elevation gain: surely there must be a difference between running at -say- 1600m and at sea level. Anywhere I can look for advice?

  2. For 5K or even 10K marathoner, this tool is very important to maintain in control. Sometimes runner go beyond his limit and often found themselves out of breath and fainted. So to avoid this, having this tool is the answer.

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