Minimum or Resting Heart Rate and Maximum for 5k Runner

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In the population your resting heart rate would probably vary from 60 to 100. A good athlete would have it somewhere near 40. The older you get the higher it would be for a good athlete (mine’s 46 I think…so maybe I’m not as good as I thought I was!). Excellent athlete’s might have it in their low 30s. Below 30 and there may be a problem.

Maximum for an athlete could easily be above 180 and below 210. NOT 220-AGE ! (Ignore that formula).

You measure your min at the same time every day, usually first thing in the morning or after 20 mins rest.

There are specific tests for a max heart rate (along with min HR used to determine training zones). However If you sprint for a minute at the end of your 5k and get a PB then your max heart rate in that race is prob somewhere near your best – though also easily your max could be 10 higher than this depending on whether or not you really tried.

All athletes that I’ve spoken to about this have a max HR of over 170. I’ve only spoken to 10s rather than 100s so this is not scientifically accurate! I only recall one in his low 170s and he was pretty much my exact same age and level of fitness, maybe a bit taller, and my max is 20 higher. SO you can draw no conclusions from max HR really. You just need to know it for you and your training.

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