Qualification: 2012 Powerman Long Distance Duathlon & ETU Sprint Duathlon Championships

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Below is an excerpt from the BTF website confirming the qualification process for the 2012 European Championship events for the SPRINT and LONG distances – NOT THE STANDARD DISTANCE. This information is for the Horst, Netherlands event in april.

The key points are

1. There are no qualifiers

2. You must enter (and presumably pay) AND THEN request nomination.

3. This is an open event with an ETU championship as part of it. There is only one event per distance (SPRINT, LONG). Each distance has OPEN and AG competitors competing together.

4. ONLY successful nominees by the BTF will be classed as entering the Age Group championship (although it is the same race). Failed nominees will then take part in the open event competing alongside the NOMINATED athletes in the same race.

Online entries close on Friday 20th April with the event the following weekend on sunday 29th April 2012. So presumably you will only be notified you are in the GB AG team on monday 23rd !!

Here is the full blurb:


The ETU/Powerman European Championships is an open event available to all athletes. You can now enter the long distance or sprint distance age-group races via the event website. British Triathlon is not administerting entries to this event.


Long Distance European Duathlon: 15km run, 60km bike, 7.5km run.

Sprint Distance European Duathlon: 5km run, 20km bike, 2.5km run.

In order to be entered into the ETU European Championships category you must be nominated by British Triathlon.

Nomination requirements:

1) Valid home nations membership at the time of nomination and competition.

2) Have and entry to the race via the Powerman website http://www.powerman.nl/content.php?11/dataentry_33.htm

3) E-mail *edited out*@britishtriathlon.org stating that you wish to be considered for nomination into the ETU European Duathlon Long Distance or Sprint Distance Championships category. Y

ou do not need to provide a qualifying performances at this stage. Please provide the following:

a. Name

b. Membership number

c. Age-group

d. Sprint or Long Distance

If your age-group becomes oversubscribed with nomination requests to compete in the ETU European Championships category we may require you to submit a qualifying performance and the team will be nominated with the athletes that have provided the best results as determined by the age-group committee. At this time we have not be provided a nomination entry limit.

British Triathlon cannot guarantee nomination into the ETU European Championships category to every participant. We are aware that some athletes may not wish to enter the race unless they know they have been nominated to compete for the GB team however British Triathlon cannot officially nominate and announce the GB team until the entries are closed as up until this time we will not know who has officially entered the race.

Therefore you cannot wait to be nominated and then enter the race, you must enter the race and then request nomination.

Due to the late announcement and unique formatting of this event British Triathlon is not able to administer the event as normal. We will not be asking for a £10 registration fee or £15 team support fee and therefore we will be unable to send a support team or team manager to this event.

British Triathlon cannot subsidise any 2011 medallists entry fee’s into the race due to the self entry process. All athletes who enter the event via the Powerman website will be in the same race. If you are not nominated by British Triathlon to be included in the ETU European Championships category this will not affect your ability to participate in the race, you will not however appear in the ETU European Championships category race results. Only those athletes that have been successfully nominate by British Triathlon will be included in the ETU European Championships category. The GB age-group team will not be announced until after the entries have closed.

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1 thought on “Qualification: 2012 Powerman Long Distance Duathlon & ETU Sprint Duathlon Championships

  1. So am I correct in thinking I would have to pay €77,50 to enter the race in Holland and then try and qualify? Meaning if I don’t qualify I lose out on all that money?!

    You MIGHT be in the race and not in the GB team.
    IE you might end up being NOT ‘nominated’ (selected/chosen) and so have to compete in the open event.
    The open event is the same event BUT your times won’t be put into the European AG Champs results.
    So you would know where you WOULD have come had you been nominated (if that makes sense)

    BUT YOU DO NOT TOTALLY WASTE THE MONEY if that is what you are getting at…you still race.

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