Bushy Park Parkrun – Mark Spitz & Ed Moses To Run (If they bring their shoes)

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Wow! 4th Feb 2012 will have Mark Spitz and Ed Moses running the Bushy Park parkrun 5k ‘race’ – that is if they bring their trainers. They are both about 60ish now and so if you come along to the Bushy Park parkrun you might finally have a chance of beating them! Well I’m sure they’ll be doing it for the PR anyway so why not just go along to meet them and learn about the charity they are here to support.


For those of you who have never heard of them; Mr Spitz won about 5,000 gold medal at one Olympics and Ed Moses  jumped quickly over a few little fences at an Olympics a few years later. He won a gold too …oh and then did the same thing 8 years later…ie at Elite Level running to win a second gold 8 years alter is quite amazing. Oh yes and I think he has the second fastest 400m hurdles of all time, ever, including now, yep really…STILL. And that is despite all the breakthroughs in Sports Scienceand the like. Maybe technique and a bit of graft are important after all?

I’ll be there along with about 1,000 other people.

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