Katie Hewison World Elite Duathlon Champion Gijon 2011

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Katie Hewison Duathlon Duathlete
Katie Hewison Duathlon Duathlete

Duathlon World Champion Katie Hewison has an awesome tactical performance to become the best of 2011.

Well this one has taken a while to write as it’s now February 2012. I had the privilege of watching some of the women’s race in Gijon last September. With a multi-lap race it’s often hard to figure out exactly what is going on and who is placed where. However it was pretty obvious to the casual observer (me) that the Brits in the crowd were getting excited about something.

Recently I watched the organiser’s video of the race. What struck me was the French lady who was in the lead for significant parts of the race. She was really going for it and looked on the edge of her performance limits. The German again and again took the pace to her. Yet all the time at the back of the (small) lead cycling pack was Ms Hewison. For all the fitness and obvious technical skills of the lot of them I just thought “What on earth are you all doing? You’re giving Katie a free ride!” As the leaders were pedaling furiously Katie was being pulled along (draft legal racing).

I’m not sure many pure road cyclists would have let her get away with that. But more fool the others for allowing it.

So come the last run who was probably the freshest….Katie Hewison.

And who won…errr, go figure! Great tactics-101 performance.

<Here> is a link to the video of the finish. Unfortunately the longer video of the race on the organisers web site now seems to have gone ‘missing’.

Many of the AG racers also did the same thing! Although that was going against the rules a little (well a lot, drafting is illegal in AG racing). Still it gave those that did it a good shot at the medals. They must have had that essential piece of AG Duathlete’s kit… the rear-view mirror?! IE to allow you to see the motorbike officials coming!

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FTC: Affiliate Disclosure: All links pay commission
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