do I really think I can complete a duathlon?

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good luck with the training…not long to go now. You are doing a sprint duathlon not a mammoth distance event. So your carb loading may be an overkill. You just really need to make sure that after your exercise you replenish the carbs and water AND PROTEIN. Just by tapreing and eating normally on race day you WILL have enough carbs in your body for the race, honest, you will not need anything more than a lucozade sport in the race and that will hydrate you as well. When you train do some bricks , NOW, at the end of every session you should be thinking…hmm that was hard (but not SUPER hard) and if you weren’t sweating then it wasn’t worth doing. get elastic laces, practice transition, pump your tyres up, ideally get a TT bike.
you’ll do it! it’s just how fast.

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Thank you for the advise and I did complete my first Duathlon. Time wise it was in 2h53, but it was great. So great that I did my second Duathlon a week later and completed that in 2h32. Terrain was different and more flat, but still tough.
My biggest challenge is the final run, my legs battle to cope with the transition after the ride. I enjoy the riding more than the running, so during my ride I push myself alot harder and the run.
In the first race I walked the entire last leg of the race as I couldn’t get the legs to work at all. So in race 2 I slowed down th riding, and an aged to run about 30% of the last leg.
It was however great fun and in doing this I definitely will be doing more in future.
well done!
to help those legs do BRICK training and maybe also more running miles. Remember that if you are running 10+5k then that last 5k is about the same as the end of a half marathon NOT a normal 5k