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People will often use barefoot running (which involves normally wearing minimally protective shoes) and forefoot running synonymously. Forefoot running means essentially landing on your toes first.

<Here> is a link to [Proprioception-Making-Sense-of-Barefoot-Running] an introduction to this topic in more detail, written by a “barefoot shoe” manufacturer.

I have tried such shoes on a treadmill and Ihave to say my calves were knackered for a considerable length of time afterwards. However that was at a time when I was definitely rear foot striking. so going out hell for leather in a different running style with no cushioning was bound to cause problems. Again the aforementioned link tells you how to approach barefoot running more sensibly than I did.

Having said all that. I do run faster in running flats which are broadly similarly minimal and light running shoes. Mainly because of  them being lighter and encouraging forefoot running. I’m currently training to keep that up for longer than the 5k that I can just about manage.