5k: When it all goes wrong…

So Wrong, It's Right
So Wrong, It's Right

Tonight was a bit of a breakthrough for poor old me. I managed 5:20/km…slow by most people’s standards but to be honest after hardly being able to make it to the end of the street for the last 2 weeks i was delighted.

My cunning plan was to get really warmed up on the bike 2×25 mins at a sweet-spot pace and then afterwards go for 10-15 minutes round the block. I had KT tape on , I even warmed up for a change and had a sports massage earlier in the day.

Surely everything would go right?

Well halfway into the second bike interval ON THE TURBO I got a puncture. Now that really is not a good sign!

My physio specifically told me to avoid ibuprofen and have paracetamol for the pain instead. So I totally ignored that advice and went for the proper pain killer and, of course, anti-inflamatory. I did that very quickly after the puncture and had my whey protein as well.

It’s amazing. I think there really is a lot of truth in the post exercise 30 minute ‘rule’ where your body really does seem to metabolise things very quickly. Anyway with no leg pain off I went and voila I ran without limping (and all the other aches and pains that causes from running badly).

Perhaps there is hope for me yet.

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