5k: the5krunner gets back to running … strange that

Running (Evermore song)

Yes it’s official; I can run again. Albeit slowly. My amazing blistering 5:30/km last week is now right up to 5:00/km yesterday and 4:30/km today. The next obvious one is 4:00/km tomorrow but I’ll put that off for a few more days yet, well one day to recover at any rate. I think my session was probably about 5k tonight strangely enough. A nice distance even for recovery!

My KT tape is still clinging on for grim death. I’ve got no idea if it still works after a week but on it stays and yes I have been washing in case you wondered.

I’m doing a whole raft of calf exercises and coming to the realisation that a fallen arch is the cause of all my ills. Unless I’m mistaken a fallen arch is what causes pronation so after all these years worrying about forefoot running and getting the right shoes in fact we should have been concentrating on getting our arches back working again. Oh well.

My bike training is now complete and I have to say I’m pretty awesome compared to where I was there. I hope to get started at my favourite local (personal) TT routes and set a few PBs.

Along with that the swimming is now good too. Good by my standards but not by anyone else’s. I was even told I was racing up and down the lane the other day. It was true, I was. Unfortunately the complimenter didn’t realise I had hand paddles on 🙂

Sprint Tri – here we come!

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