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SpeedLink Ledos Gaming MouseSpeedLink’s Ledos Gaming Mouse is a competent unit that is fully able to be a workhouse for good-level gamers and above. If you’ve only ever used OEM mice and wondered how good a gaming mouse was then this is the sort of mouse you will buy first to test the waters, as you may well be uncertain if £50++/US$70++ mice really are worth the extra (generally they’re not!!)

As you can see from the image above, I have a good level mouse set-up to fit the SpeedLink Ledos in to and I take my cable-drag seriously 🙂

Form factor: Medium adult hand size. Symmetrical for left- and right-handers.

Price and purchase link: At £18 (UK Price) / US$34 (US Price) it’s good value for a quality, entry-level gaming mouse. Perhaps your budget for peripherals is limited

Special features:

  • 3000 dpi – more than good enough. Very precise operation. Other mice have higher values but this level is MORE than good enough even for some graphics work I do. DPI can optionally be downscaled to 500dpi.
  • Rapid Fire button – essentially a single click of this button triggers a software double-click. This WILL be faster than YOU can double click. Whether or not your PC/game responds quickly enough is another matter entirely.
  • First-person shooters will love the sniper-function that improves aim with a temporary dpi reduction.
  • Construction – Construction quality is good to very-good. In my opinion it feels ‘nice’ with a slightly rubberized texture.


  • Scroll wheel. – whilst it has a good feel and roll the click action is weak. Luckily this is one of the lesser-used actions of a game mouse for me.

What’s Missing

  • Programmability – there is no configuration software for special button and action changes.

Price & Availability

£18 (UK Price)

US$34 (US Price)


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