2012 The London Duathlon in Richmond Park – New distance!

After having moaned a bit on this blog last year about the London Duathlon I feel obliged to give them a bit of free PR this year.

I bemoaned the fact that their distances are ‘wrong’. Wrong in the sense of non-standard rather than incorrectly measured. Apparently, the new organisers did change the transition and runs so that they were more accurately matched to the advertised distances.

Well this year they have introduced what they call a ‘classic’ distance. Others will call it a standard distance but never mind! Semantics. 10k run: 40k cycle: 5k run. The bike lap is (per lap) 7 miles or 11.25km so the cycle will be either 45k or 34k

If it’s 3 laps on the bike then getting under an hour for the bike leg is the thing to aim for. Or 2 hours for the whole thing.

Anyway being ‘a bit out’ when compared to the true 10:40:5 is fine. Most events are ‘a bit out’ anyway, so no big deal there.

So hopefully the better duathlon competitors will be entering the classic distance. And for many others that means being able to more properly compare your performance to some Age Group GB athletes.

go on…enter 😉

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4 thoughts on “2012 The London Duathlon in Richmond Park – New distance!

  1. I’ve just discovered your blog while I was looking for duathlon training plans. I’m doing the London duathlon for the first time this year. From what you’re saying I’m guessing the distances aren’t quite as advertised, is that right? I’m doing the 10, 20, 5 so will the 20k actually be 22.5km? What about the runs? It’s useful to know if the sections aren’t what you think they’ll be!

    1. Hi Debi, I’ve done the races before. The distances have not always been the same each year. I would imagine this year WILL BE the same as last year ie the laps the same. As it is the same organiser. But I don’t know if the course has changed slightly. I would imagine that i can answer ‘yes’ to all your questions!
      so 10:22:4.8 something like that.
      if you are new to the course then the distance you are doing favours runners strongly so you should do the 10:40:5 for a more balanced duathlon IMHO or the fun/sprint event.

      1. Thanks for your reply. I did spend ages trying to decide which one to do out of the 10:20:5 and 10:40:5 (fun/sprint I decided was too short- wanted to get my money’s worth!) but went for the 20 as I am more of a runner than cyclist and didn’t think I’d have the time to commit to the extra training the 40 would need (small children at home in the summer holidays and a husband who doesn’t get home from work very early doesn’t help with training plans!). It’ll be my 2nd duathlon after doing Thruxton last year and I’m really looking forward to it.

        I’ve also been reading your 5k stuff as I’m keen to improve my parkrun time.

  2. I have competed the last 2 years in the 10:20:5 (exactly the same course both years – can’t imagine this year will be any different). Fully agree that this distance favours runners. Having said that, as a stronger cyclist, it really encouraged me to improve my running! I have loved the event both years.

    My hypothesis is that the new Classic distance will be 4 laps of cycling, not 3.

    Sounds to me like Debi is in a situation where finding time to train heavily for a race that will take more than 2hr30 is not straightforward. Given this is her 2nd Duathlon, I think choosing the 10:20:5 is probably a good choice – it is a really good challenge to aim for.

    Personally, I am still debating whether to enter the 10:40:5 or stick with the shorter one. Have been largely out of action for the past 3 months with a knee injury, and I am not sure I will have sufficient fitness/resilience by September to manage the longer distance.

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