5k: SB Today at Parkrun

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parkrun logo (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I got a SB today for one of my localish parkrun  courses

Season’s Best! Haven’t had a PB for a long time so anything counts. If they are good enough to report on the BBC for the Helsinki Euro Champs then they are good enough for me!

I was 30 seconds off which sounds a lot but that was quite a bit faster than I had been going recently. So i was well chuffed. I finally convinced myself that I can push myself when needs be. There was still more in the tank but that is for another day and proper race prep.

The good thing for me is that I think I might now be back on track for a PB later in the year (Sept/Oct when things cool down) and if I can find more time to run rather than cycling, swimming, reading about triathlon and writing this blog.

I’ve got some really interesting stuff coming up. Some cool Garmin reviews of some great kit and maybe also some insights in TSB/CTL and the like. Just all takes a while to write…

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